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    Update #107

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    Connor    78

    Update #107
    Clue Scroll Overhaul:

    It's been wanted for ages and it's here!

    As part of this update, all clue scrolls ingame have been reset. This means the clues you have, will have been removed.

    The new loot table is very different with new and exclusive items, so how they were so easy to obtain before would have damaging effects on this update.


    Clue Scrolls drop formula have been completely reconfigured and they're now much rarer.
    The Clue Scrolls completed variable for your account has been reset to 0.
    Clue Scrolls are no longer tradeable.
    Clue Scrolls are no longer always one step.
    All Clue Scroll step locations have been changed.
    Completionist Cape requirement has been reduced to 100 Clues.
    Third Age is now a separate loot table so it can be obtained, aswell as the unique loot.
    Collection Log has been added for Clue Scrolls.
    Loot interface has been removed (many complaints).


    New loot:
    Dwarf Cannon Upgrade (Doubles storage/damage - stacks with perks),
    Pocket Pouch Upgrade (+1 slot),
    Caskee (pet) - Increases the chances of finding Clue Scrolls by 25%
    Max Hit Gemstone (5%),
    Hitpoints Gemstone (+15/150),
    Speed Gemstone (Increases Attack Speed),
    Clued Up (Title),
    Clueless (Title),
    Infernal Virtus,
    Clue Solver Hat (Adds 1 additional item to your casket reward),
    Clue Solver Robe (Adds 1 additional item to your casket reward),
    Clue Solver Skirt (Adds 1 additional item to your casket reward).


    Heroic XP Mode:

    Are you up for the challenge? You can now play on Heroic XP which is 20x slower than other modes!


    A heroic only hiscores will be added soon.


    • Headless Horseman now drops the entire outfit.
    • Perks interface has had a complete overhaul.
    • Bork's spawn location has been moved.
    • Pokemon Gauntlet can no longer be used with the Ice Dragon Defender.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented players with the Raider perk entering the Mutated Raid with Crevice Passes.
    • You will no longer be teleported to the final boss if you haven't killed the Mutated Beast.
    • Fixed a bug that made players immune to poison, still be poisoned inside Mutated Raids.
    • Unlimited prayer in the Pocket Pouch now works correctly.
    • Aggression Totems in the Pocket Pouch now work correctly.
    • The item Skulled can now be used with Cosmetic Overrides.
    • Daily login reward has been updated to 100 x Pumpkins.
    • Double or Nothing aura now procs correctly whilst inside the aura pouch.
    • The radius at which the Mutated Beast rewards players with a kill has been increased.
    • Snakeskin boots no longer sell for Tax Bags.
    • Psycho Mystery Box boss has been removed.
    • Trivia question about Raids has been updated.
    • Ice Dragon Defender stats have been slightly adjusted.
    • Removed a mistaken XP reduction applied to Ironman accounts.
    • Anti-Vax Shield now has a daily use limit of 50 chests.
    • Aura Pouch "empty" option has been moved below the wield option.
    • Added the command ::skilling.
    • x2 Event Boss Damage perk now works against Headless Horseman.
    • Double Drop Scrolls have been added to the Loyalty Store.
    • Scroll of Praise has been added to the Loyalty Store.
    • $10 Bond's have been added to the Loyalty Store.
    • Clue Scrolls have been added to the Loyalty Store.
    • Pocket Pouch Upgrade has been added to the Loyalty Store.

    Please reload your client.

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