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    Update #118

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    Connor    78

    Update #118
    Teleport Interface:

    The interface has been given a fresh look.


    • It is no longer just a boss teleport, but instead a hub and will allow you to navigate to all types of monster teleports.
    • Bosses that are rarely killed have been moved to a Misc section to avoid new players getting confused about what to kill.
    • The entire interface has had a an uplift to make it more appealing to view.




    Please give feedback via Discord


    Slayer Changes:

    The entire Slayer Reward Store item prices have been reduced to be more reasonable.
    More slayer assignments have been added to the Boss Task.

    Larger changes are due to come in a future update.


    Hotfixes already applied:

    ::discord starter task has been fixed.
    Sell an item to the Tax Bag store starter task has been fixed.
    An additional check has been added for the Research Table starter task to prevent it not working.
    4ever alone title perks have been fixed.
    Pokemon Zoo Information no longer displays Item Smuggler information.


    • Box of Chocolates cooldown is now 60 minutes, the length of its benefit will remain as 15 minutes.
    • Bucket of Water will no longer cause players to DC when examining it.
    • The "Fight Another Player" achievement has been fixed.
    • Love Bonds now reward between $0-25, rather than $0-10.
    • Mutated Dungeon Raid now gives 2M raid points, rather than 1M.
    • Cupid's Quiver has been slightly buffed.
    • The amount on NPC's in the PZ pens has been buffed.
    • Loot Box interface close button now works correctly.
    • Fixed a bug meaning some Heroic players could not pick up dropped items.
    • Lovers Tiff Aura has been given a value.
    • Firework Potion's cooldown is now 30 minutes.
    • Energy Drink now lasts for the full 10 minutes.
    • ::afk is no longer case sensitive.
    • Giant Bunny title now preview's correctly.
    • General Khazard has a 15 second shield reducing all damage once it spawns.
    • Bork has a 15 second shield reducing all damage once it spawns.
    • Owner Cape block on GOKU & Bork has been removed.

    Please reload your client.

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