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    Update #120

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    Connor    78

    Update #120
    Spring Boxes:

    The latest limited edition boxes are now on store!

    Possible Rewards;

    Spring Cleaner Perk - Automatically banks Lamps & Effigys obtained from boxes.
    Spring Gloves - +50% XP, +10% Recycled Coins & +10% tax store value when selling items.
    Spring Dagger - A very strong weapon with an incredibly damaging special attack that only requires 10%.
    Elite Slayer Ring - Triple points & +25% damage on task
    LUCKER Title - 25% chance to obtain double clue scrolls.
    Lucky Quiver - +4% drop rate boost (arrow slot).
    Supreme Projectile Aura - +30% more Ranged damage.
    Poisonous Stew - Whilst in your inventory, it will ALWAYS apply up to 10,000 poisonous damage to your target.
    Li'l Lamb - A pet that increases your turmoil %.
    Pocket Pouch Upgrade (+2 slots)
    5 x Store Mystery Boxes,
    500 x Limited Key Tokens,
    1,000 x Limited Key Tokens.


    Skilling Revamp:

    I've taken this opportunity to try make skilling a worthy part of the game, so here are the changes;

    Mob Drops:

    We have nerfed skilling drops from a whole bunch of recognised monsters. This will NOT affect bones, we want prayer to remain a fast skill to try.

    Brown Caskets will no longer be obtainable and any already obtained will have been removed.

    Xp Lamps & Effigy's can now only be used 50 times per day.

    Skilling Resource Wipe:

    As previously polled and agreed. All accounts will have a range of Skilling Resources removed from their accounts.

    Prestige Changes:

    Prestige levels/points have now been reset.

    In order to prestige, you now must have level 99 in every skill. 

    You will gain 10 Prestige Points per prestige which can be spent in the shop.

    A Prestige Leader board has been added to the home area scoreboards.

    Rewards Store;

    Skillers Harmony Emblem - (Passively gain tax bags whilst gathering skills)

    Clue Retainer Emblem - (10% chance when opening a clue, your casket will be saved)

    Raiders Emblem - (10% chance when opening a Raid chest your keys are retained)

    Experienced Emblem - (+20% Experience)

    Prestigious Shield (+2% Drop Rate)

    Pocket Pouch Upgrade (+1 slot),

    Offhand Hellfire Shadow Sword

    Clue Scroll Casket

    Insanely OP Key



    • Daily rewards will no longer display over the pin requirement screen.
    • Casket Banker has been removed from the Island store.
    • Double Drops/Experience event has now ended.
    • ::discord should now work correctly.
    • Pest Control points display has been removed from the quest tab.
    • Crazy Fucking OP Key has been removed from the Seasonal Machine.
    • Pocket Pouch will now activate prayer regardless of time left on aggression.
    • Pocket Pouch upgrades are now identified by where they're obtained from.
    • Holy Water can now be used with Cosmetic Overrides.
    • Fixed some issues with chest opening at ::pz.
    • Clue Scrolls will no longer falsely state you have found a casket when you haven't.
    • Gamble Hosts will now be notified the amount of tax bags a player has when they TP to gamble.
    • Infinite Prayer Scroll Extension is no longer obtainable from the Seasonal Donation Machine.
    • Noted Frost Dragon Bones are no longer obtainable since they stack anyway.
    • You can now use Mud Pie with cosmetic overrides.
    • Ranged store now contains 2B Hand Cannon Shots.
    • You can now unblock items individually via the drops interface, rather than having to always use ::clearblockedlist.
    • Mythical Beast can no longer hit more than 1,500, although it's extremely unlikely to even hit this (excluding spec).

    Please reload your client.

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