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    Update #134

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    Connor    78

    Update #134
    Heroic Ironman

    Ready for a new challenge?

    Grab yourself a fresh nub account and create an Ironman, then click the Heroic XP to start flexing your nolife.



    10% extra damage in PvM
    10% extra drop rate bonus

    There will be a very limited time sale on store to help players wanting to setup their Heroic accounts.

    First to max will get themselves 2 x Seasonal Donation Keys!
    First to completionist will get themselves $100 store credit!
    First to maximum experience will get themselves an Owner Cape worth $350!!


    Donation Perk Tree Expansion:

    The tree has some new branches!


    Escaped Barrows Brothers:

    For those seeking a money maker that's not as intensive as the full minigame can now kill the brothers on top of the hills.

    They have the same drop table as the chest, except they're not as common given you don't need to click too much.

    AOE will not work in this area to ensure new players aren't struggling to compete in this money maker.


    Task Master Superior Shields:

    Providing you're using the same combat style as the shield they will now have the following passive buff:

    10% chance to fire a double projectile which is a number between 1 and (Your HP x 10). You will take damage equal to 5% of this.




    • Added ::killlog.
    • Once new players get T4 Newb Weapons they will now be moved to ::Home and given further information.
    • Task Master Superior shields now have a unique model look.
    • Task Master Superior shields now have a 10% chance to release a double hit projectile against your target.
    • Completed custom armour set orders.
    • Fixed Sunday not allowing no raid requirement to work.
    • Corrected message when redeeming the two new perks.
    • Constitution Orb can now be used with Ranged.
    • Lovers Health perk has been added to Black SDK.
    • Corrected Travel Insurance's examine.
    • Travel Insurance perk now has the ability to release the avoided damage back onto the target at a random time.
    • Regular Ironman chat icons have been fixed.
    • Ancient Sand has replaced Sunflower daily login reward.
    • Monies Amulet and (i) are now tradeable.
    • Slayer teleport to task is now free.
    • Vader chest has a new appearance.
    • Champion chest is now dropped as a Champion's Loot Satchel.
    • Gigantic Tax Bag bosses drop table has been massively buffed.
    • WAB no longer drops some of it's junk loot, such as the Infernal Bones & Hellfire Logs.
    • WAB now drops more value based items & every player will get at least 500 Tax Bags.

    If your client does not say Update #134 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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