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    Update #135

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    Connor    78

    Update #135
    Black Market Dealer

    Ever wanted to get rid of a bunch of items that no one wants? Too much supply? *Cough* Vader Element...

    Look no further than the Black Market Trader, located in the local pub! (::chill)

    He can ask for a random item which he will always want from you, it won't ever change until you give it to him. You will be rewarded with Black Market Dollars which can be spent in his shop.

    He won't always be happy to trade though. He's part time, so he's only trading between the hours of 0200-0300, 1000-1100 & 2000-2100. Don't worry though, as this will be announced on Discord so you don't forget!


    Some of the new additions to the game are:

    Constitutional Blast (ability),

    Stolen Heart (+10/100 HP),
    Pocket Pouch Upgrade (BMT),
    Matrix Perk,
    Drop Table Roll Buff (single use),
    World Berserk (Global Buff),
    World Luck (Global Buff).



    • Reinforced armour is now dropped by the Mythical Beast, but at a 1/1200 rate.
    • Reinforced armour is no longer tradeable.
    • Filtered chat is no longer on by default for new players.
    • Barrows rates have been improved (this was hotfixed).
    • Sandy Bonds now redeem correctly.
    • Referral screen now appears again for new players.
    • Newb Sword (T4) has been buffed.
    • Sunday's no raid requirement has been removed.
    • Added a new interface to Juicy Donator Boxes.
    • Champion gear as broken will now appear correctly.
    • Newb Sword/Shield T4 upgrade chance is now 1/100.
    • Railings texture is now static.
    • Raids 1-3 no longer require a fee to enter.
    • Raider Perk still rewards free enter to Raids 3/4, but now also provides a +5% rare chance boost.
    • Starter Bow has been added to the Ranged Store.
    • You can now buy/drink beer at the Mythical pub.
    • Fixed Evil Baby slayer teleport.
    • Fixed Medium Coin Stacks slayer teleport.
    • Free Instance perk no longer requires the bags in your inventory.
    • Item Smuggler will now ask for Broken Champion gear, not the fixed version.
    • Crex has been relocated to a larger area.
    • Gigantic Stack now counts towards the Daily Money Maker task.
    • Drug Dealer boost has been fixed.
    • The experience gain from the Hungry Hare pet has been increased.
    • Fat Boy (T7) & (elite) will now hit more per attack.

    If your client does not say Update #135 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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