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    Update #24

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    Connor    44

    Update #23


    Vote Chest:

    The vote chest can be found in the usual chest location at home. 

    When claiming a vote, you will no longer obtain points to spend in store. You will instead obtain 1 vote key per vote. This key can be used on the vote chest.

    The vote store now only contains vote keys for 1 point, this is to allow you to spend any points you haven't used. This will be removed after 4 weeks.

    I'm Looking to expand these rewards further. If you have any suggestions, let me know on discord!




    • X2 vote points event has been changed to halving the required amount for beast mode.
    • World boss loots now upload to Discord.
    • Beast mode reward from voting has been reduced to 300 global votes.
    • Lime rex has been buffed.
    • Lime rex has been given a drop rate bonus.
    • Cleaned up player panel.
    • Fixed Well of Goodwill timer.
    • Fixed an issue causing world boss damage counters to appear for everyone.
    • Fixed Weird asf boss model.
    • World messages have been cleaned up.
    • Fixed Riot shield drop rate bonus.
    • Bond has been replaced with a tax bag box in the recycle centre.
    • Complete a hard slayer task achievement has been fixed.
    • Ironman icons will now take priority over donator icons, except in pm.
    • Removed pasting from client.


    Please reload your client.

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