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    Update #35

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    Connor    78

    Update #35


    Gigantic Tax Bag:

    This new world boss will spawn every time 4,000 coin stacks have been killed. 

    The boss will spawn at the f2p coin stack zone, in multi. With a hefty amount of hit points, it will require many of you to take it down! 

    Up to 30 people will be rewarded loot per kill!


    Hitpoints: 20M
    Max Hit: 300


    $5-$50 Bonds,
    1-50,000 Tax Bags,
    Tax Bag Box,





    • Cleaned up a large amount of useless spawns.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing npcs to not re spawn.
    • Fixed the discord link in the client.
    • Clue scroll loot will now automatically deposit to your bank.
    • You can now view the rare rewards from clue scrolls by right clicking a casket.
    • Thieving rewards have been significantly buffed.
    • Collectors necklace (i) has been buffed.
    • Drop rate items will now impact on 1/10k drops.
    • Added the command ::vaders for quick usage.
    • Added the command ::shuk for quick usage.
    • A small area of multi lexicuz have been added to DZ3.
    • Lexicuz re spawn timer is now 5 seconds.
    • Crex re spawn timer is now 2 seconds.
    • You can now open the item compare tool in the quest tab.
    • Vote keys now go to your inventory, not your bank.


    Please reload your client.

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