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    Update #42

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    Connor    69

    Update #42


    Kingdom of Hearts raid:

    Finally! The third installment of our raids. This raid is of course focused on magic combat rewards.

    There are no requirements to enter, except 100 tax bags.



    Hitpoints: 750,000
    Max hit: 100
    Attack speed: Incredibly fast

    Large Body:

    Hitpoints: 1,500,000
    Max hit: 900
    Attack speed: Slow


    Hitpoints: 2,000,000
    Max hit: 300
    Attack speed: Fast


    Hitpoints: 3,500,000
    Max hit: 600 (2 sets of 300)
    Attack speed: Medium


    Best in slot magic gear
    New pet
    $25 Bond



    Enjoy the raids! Access them via the raid portal.


    July Boxes:

    As we move into July, a new monthly box arrives!


    5 x Store boxes.

    20 x OP keys.

    2 x $50 bonds.

    Summer Necklace - 4k stats & 80% droprate bonus.

    July Partyhat - No stats, but has the highest drop rate bonus of any helmet at 140%.

    Raider Aura - All keys are doubled during raids.

    Double coin stack Aura - This gives you a 20% chance for your loot to double whilst at coin stacks.

    Double chest loot Aura - This gives you a 10% chance to double your loot from chests. The following chests work with the aura;

    OP chest,
    Champion chest,
    Lava raid chest,
    S.W.A.T raid chest,
    Kingdom of Hearts chest,
    Vader chest,
    Crystal key chest.





    • Relocated Seasonal donation machine to other side of the room.
    • Fixed 1000 ancient wizard kills requirement for Pokemon upgrade.
    • Pet suicencher has been removed. If you have one, please message Connor for a replacement.
    • Fixed a bug allowing players to collect multiple raid keys in a single raid.
    • Corrected smithing level requirement to make rune daggers.
    • Creation of OP keys will no longer be announced.
    • Renamed Ice Demon slayer task to Icy Bones.
    • Fixed hobgoblins slayer task.
    • Added some Yak spawns.
    • June box rewards have been added to the seasonal donation machine.

    Please reload your client.

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