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      Update #20 Slayer Rework: As per demand, i have completely redesigned the slayer skill to be more engaging and worth your time. The Slayer Hub will now appear when speaking to the slayer master at home. This has everything you need in one interface for smooth & simple gameplay. You no longer need to use multiple slayer masters as the interface will just allow you to choose a difficulty yourself. You will still gain more points for harder tasks. The slayer store also has some new additions and also prices balanced. Whilst on task you will now randomly obtain Bravek's caskets which can provide amazing loot or junk. Slayer helms can now be upgraded from regular(12.5% damage) to Dragon(20% damage) & finally Infernal(30% damage). Slayer Temple is also a new addition to the map. This can only be accessed from the teleport to task option. You will find the following npcs inside; Crex, Demon Hounds, Darklords, Ice Warriors, Ice Demons, Water Newb, Skeletal Horror. Media: Your slayer streak, task & master will be reset. Resetting task now costs 25 tax bags, instead of points. Various slayer targets have had their respawn timers made quicker. Various slayer targets have had their spawn amounts increased. Some hard task xp rates have been balanced. Slayer store prices have been rebalanced. Slayer store has some new items & removed useless rewards. Febuary Box: Following the popular January boxes, we have now introduced the Febuary boxes! You can obtain some of the following loot when opened; Valentines Hat (50% d/r), Heart Orb (50% d/r), Cupids Bow, Ring Of Love (25% chance to double your soulsplit heal) -> combinable with p2w ring (U) to make p2w ring (UI), Portable Item Recycler, Infinite Overload Stability (perk - makes it stay boosted for the full duration), 20 OP keys, 5 Store boxes, 2 x $50 bonds. Boxes can be found on the donator store. Removed Succubus freeze ability. Cost to spawn Shuk has been increased to 6,000 bags. Hellfire dragon should no longer continue to attack you after you've died. Fixed Elite Succubus drop rate bonus. Slash bash is no longer aggressive. Goku JR teleport has been fixed. Rainbow skateboard will now upgrade to $10 bond, not $50. Rainbow skateboard upgrade is now a 2% chance. Increased some upgrading fees. Ven spider drop table has been nerfed. Bonds no longer claim to provide donator points. Donator shop has been removed from home as its useless. You can no longer obtain the Beaver pet from afk tree. Added a message to the chat when drinking Infinite overload. Soulsplit is no longer a blocked word. ::priceguide link has been corrected. Staff can now apply flags on users that might be using a macro. This will then detect & log the users activity. Please reload your client.
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      Update #84 QOL: This update was due to be something else, but it's clear we needed to settle some major QOL issues. Nurse: A new zone has been added which contains Nurse mobs. These have 250,000 Hitpoints and aren't too difficult to kill. They only have 1/10k unique drops, like Blood Warriors, but they're worth the punch! They're considerably weak to Ranged. Rewards; Full of Health (perk) - Adds a permanent boost of 5/50 Hitpoints. Doctors Hat - 0 stats, but offers 10/100 Hitpoints bonus. Doctors Gown (inactive) - Can be activated at the research table to create a powerful body with 15/150 Hitpoints bonus. Auto cannon reload perk will now have a 2 hour per day cap. To activate it you will need the perk book, if you already have redeemed the perk, then you can claim the book using ::autocannonperk. Whilst the perk is NOT active, but you have the book in your inventory, the cannon will allow you to deposit 100 balls each time. Mythical Beast is now weak to Melee. Succubus is now weak to Melee. Ancient Spider is now weak to Magic. SSJ Goku JR is now weak to Ranged. Weird ASF Boss is now weak to Melee. Molten King is now weak to Magic. Thug (SWAT Raids) is now weak to Ranged. Xemnas is now weak to Melee. You can now upgrade your Hellfire Shadow Sword into a $50 bond at the Item Upgrader. Stoner box has been added to the drugs store for 15,000 Bags of weed. Unlimited prayer badge now only costs 4,000 Bags of weed. The chances of getting Sorab from the Kingdom of Hearts raid is now rarer. Sorab will now sell to the tax bag store for 127,500 Tax bags. Combining Mystery boxes will now do the max amount you can offer. Crex combat has been nerfed. Please reload your client.
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      Update #66 Happy New Year! Donator Store: Seasonal donation key has been added, New Years Eve Beer (Limited edition) has been added - Similar to Irish keg, but it lasts 3x longer (15 mins), 10 x Slayer Task reset (Keeps your streak active, whilst allowing you to get a new task), December boxes have been removed, Frosty party hat has been discontinued. Sponsor Donator Rank: It's been a long time coming, but the $5k rank has finally arrived! Of course you can achieve this with bonds obtained ingame. Perks; All the previous donator rank perks, plus; Unique shaded colour when using ::yell. Loyalty points are gained at the fastest rate. Base experience rate is 4x the rate of a non-donator rank. Skillers village area experience bonus is 70%. 50% permanent drop rate bonus. Gather Drugs Lab supplies at 3x the normal rate. 2 x Insanely OP keys added to your bank everyday. 100% drop rate bonus + experience bonus inside Sponsor zone. Access to ::sponsorzone/::spz Sponsor Zone: As listed above it has various benefits inside the zone, but it also features; Skilling zones within distance of a bank booth, meaning you don't have to move to bank. You can access the VIP unicorn instance which costs 10,000 bags per entry, however you get a unicorn all to yourself! Other Mobs; Vader, Goku JR, Crex, Blood Warriors, Mental Case, Darklord, Penguins, Large Coin Stacks. Snow Activity Although Christmas is over, Winter is not! The store has been updated. More rewards will come over time! Slayer Store: Some new rewards have been added to the slayer point store; Slayer XP increaser (Can be stacked 10x, 10% per use), Slayer Damage increaser (Can be stacked 10x, 3% per use), Slayer Points increaser (Can be stacked 10x, +2 points per use). Irish coin now rewards a Seasonal donation key instead of the December box. Vaders now show on the mini map. Slayer loot crate will no longer give 100 Hand cannons. Slayer emblem (i) now has the upgrade option. Fixed Barrel chest slayer teleport. Vader will no longer teleport players. Ironman PVP kills will now cause the targets items to be deleted, rather than dropped. Elderly Heartwrencher respawn timer is now 5 seconds. Infernal Beast's respawn timer is now 5 seconds. Dark Purplefire Wyrm's respawn timer is now 5 seconds. Added ::vader for quick access to Vader zone. Actions such as ::pos which can only be done at ::home, can now be done at the completionist guild. Please reload your client.
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      Update #27 Pet Perk Rework: It's been something that has been requested many times & it's finally here! Pets will no longer all just have droprate bonuses, although some will, most pets will have a unique perk. You can view the perks, rarity & where to obtain the pet on the new pet interface, located in the quest tab! Media: Fixed an issue causing some slayer points to go into minus. Fixed a staff command that wasn't functioning. Player panel has been removed. Fixed champions daily weapon damage bonus. Fixed champions hammer weapon damage bonus. Improved some client code to stop a disconnection. Please reload your client.
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      Update #22 S.W.A.T Raid: You can start the raid at the raids portal at home. The raid is based around an apartment building full of thugs, crackheads & gun smugglers. You will raid the building with your team and hopefully be rewarded with some new goods! The raid will allow 5 keys to be dropped per kill. The raid contains 4 bosses, all with different difficulty & special attacks, enjoy 🙂 Requirements to enter: A ranged Gun or Riot Batten. 25 Tax bags. Rewards: Riot Helmet, Riot Body, Riot Legs, Riot Shield, Riot Baton, Pet S.W.A.T Recruit. Media: Donator Store Expansion: New perks have been added to the donator store; Raider - Free entry to Raids. Double Xp - Doubles all experience gained. Psycho - Chance to deal 10k/100k damage randomly during pvm. Overloaded - Overloaded provides +10 additional stat boost. Boss King - x2 Boss points. New items added to store; Custom armour set (Pm me if purchased to design it). Prayer scroll extension - Increases your prayer scroll timer to 30 minutes. Mythical Gauntlet - Best mage weapon in-game, has the largest AOE radius ingame. Added a Raids portal to home area. Some methods of obtaining bonds have been nerfed. Corrected donatorzone2 showing as a super donator zone. Removed a nulled item from clue scrolls. Curses leech effect has now been capped at +10% additional. Ranged & Magic turmoil will now scale up correctly. Only Legendary donators can use Dwarf cannons now. Added some additional Blood warrior spawns. Crystal keys now recycle for 5 coins. Hellfire dragon has been moved to Hard bosses. Added ::raid2 command. Fixed Vet'ion slayer task teleport. Please reload your client.
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      Update #18 Aura Expansion: Following the introduction of the Aura slot, you can now grab some new juicy auras from the Item Recycler! 75% Bonus Xp Aura, +10% SoulSplit Heal Aura, Poison Attack Aura, 140% Drop rate Aura, +10% Melee Damage Aura, +10% Ranged Damage Aura, +10% Magic Damage Aura. Sea Troll Event Boss: The Sea Troll Queen can only be spawned by staff. Although owner capes are allowed, the Sea Troll isn't a fan of them! She has a chance to deal a bleed attack that totals up to 2,000 damage very quickly to those wearing one. Up to 50 people will be given loot! Pets are not permitted and cannot be used in the area 🙂 Stats: Hitpoints: 50M Max Hit: 400 (500) Weakness: Ranged Important Drops: 175% Drop rate aura, Sea Troll Hat (60% d/r), OP Key, Scratch Cards, Tax Bag Boxes. You can now purchase 50 additional bank slots on the donation store. Rare drop announcements should now fit in chat better. Starter vote task has been fixed. Frozen staff is now a 1h weapon. $10 bond removed from recycle centre. Removed old starter book guide from starter packs. Removed poison notification from Goku JR. Npc task rewards will now deposit to the users bank, not the inventory. You can now reactivate your infinite prayer scroll 1 minute before it runs out. Added ::Raid1 for fast access to Lava Raids. Increased Zaros sword strength bonus to 6,500. Fixed Harlakk drop table. Added a couple more demon hound spawns. Increased the amount of bags coin stacks drop. Please reload your client.
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      Update #17 Aura Slot: This time has finally arrived! Auras can now be used in the Aura slot instead of the Cape slot. Simply wear your aura and it will place itself at the bottom of the equipment tab & you're ready to go! Donatorzone 4 Revamp: This has been due for a while now and with feedback, i have created the follow. This zone features a completely unique multi map which is meant to give off the feel of paint spilling across the map. Contains: Bank booths, Mythical Egg, Mining ores that have unlimited resource life, Magic tree that has unlimited resource life, Goku JR's, Medium Coin Stacks, Large Coin Stacks, Mystery Boxes, Also features: 30% droprate bonus (area effect), 30% xp bonus (area effect), Goku JR now drops a Goku pet which can be upgraded from 30% d/r to 60%. Removed Goku plushie drop rate (was a mistake). Fixed Shaman starter task claiming. Added a bank booth to gamble. Removed SSJ Goku teleport. Fixed a bug allowing players to teleport into the middle of no where. Mining teleport will now take you to the mining guild. Edited Angry unicorn drops. Added some Goku JR spawns to VIP zone. Corrected Goku hands droprate. Roseblood gloves reduced to 60% d/r. Ringmaster boots reduced to 60% d/r. Increased Vote store rewards capacity to 1,000. 50% droprate aura bonus has been corrected. You can no longer use a multicannon to skip Crex minion kc requirement. Fixed Bravek slayer teleport. Removed regular spirit shield recycle value. Removed ring of wealth recycle value. Hidden drops are now stated when viewing an npcs drop table. Fixed a bug allowing ice barrage to attack with minigun effects. Body rune model has been fixed. Ring of Life will no longer announce as a rare drop. Hellfire scythe has been buffed. Hellfire scythe is no longer AOE. Hellfire scythe will now hit 4x per swing. Staff can now increase Shuk loot to 30 people during planned events. Please reload your client.
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      Update #16 Goku JR: Goku JR is a miniture version of the previously expired Goku boss. You can kill them down for generous common drops, aswell as rares & a 1/10k chance to obtain either a Goku head or hands. Requirements: 100 Tax bags to enter. Stats: Hitpoints: 2 million. Weakness: Ranged. Multi: Only in the Donatorzone 2. Noteable Drops: Goku Head - 1/10k Goku Hands - 1/10k Goku Plushie - 1/1k OP key part 1 - 1/400 4 new starter tasks have been added to the Mythical guide. Mario now drops Ring of Wealth (i). Fix a map issue allowing players to safespot hellfire dragon. Jake is now officially Head Moderator. Removed regular glacor boots from rare announcement. Increase Scratch card recycled coin price to 2,000. Lava raids will now take payment from your inventory instead of pouch. Restructured the hidden drop system. Removed a bunch of console spam. Collectors necklace clue scroll banking has been fixed. Updated infernal beast pet announcement name. Fixed infernal beast walking. When dying, should your inventory be full & you have a boss pet active, it will be banked, rather than dropped. Fixed a bug not allowing players with spaces in their username to claim votes. Added a message to confirm you've reset your blocked list when performing ::clearblockedlist Hand cannon shots have been reduced to 100k each. Shaman defenders & tokash now give boss points when killed. Please reload your client.
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      Update #114 Psycho Mystery Box Event: He's back! The crazy Psycho Box has invaded the home area and it's up to you to get rid of him! The 4K Psycho Kills guaranteed drop will return for those who have not completed it, this will NOT include the new uniques to keep it fair to older players. The rarity of drops have been made slightly more common this time. Rewards; Aura of the Gods (Damages your target for 50% of your prayer points - Unlimited scrolls/badges prevent the drain), Psycho Box Pet Tokens (unlocks BIS pet), Reinforced Armour Set, Psycho (Title), Bonds. Mistoletoe aura now grants +25% damage per person near you, up to 4 people at 100%. Vader instance now contains 2 x Vaders. An issue causing instances to stack NPC's has been fixed. 50% drop rate increasing boots have had their name & rate altered. Ringmaster boots name has been corrected. Alt accounts can no longer use Instance Totems. You can no longer obtain Instance Totems, whilst in the Instance. Mini-Me pet donations now count towards your total spent. Item Recolour donations now count towards your total spent. Reborn King instance now contains the minions. Crex Instance now has 3 Crex's inside. You can no longer setup Dwarf Cannons in the home event area. Mutant Reputation now drops more per hour. Psycho Boss no longer deactivates players prayers. Snowman Event has ended. Please reload your client.
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      Update #112 Mini-Me Pets: You can now purchase Mini-Me pets from the store. These pets will wear armour that you choose and attack with a style that you choose. They can also have 2 perks which can be discussed. These will tend to reflect perks that already exist with other pets. Quality of Life Changes: You can now view weapon stats in-game via the in-game viewer. Some "junk" items that are never used have not been included. Xmas Wand Upgrader drop rate has been buffed from 1/2k to 1/400. Raid loot is now 25% more common on Fridays. Snowman Spawners now have unlimited usage. When opening Clue Scroll Caskets, the correct amount of slots required will now be displayed. Mutant Boots have been buffed to reflect the best in slot position. Mrs Perfume examine has been corrected. Item Smuggler information interface has been updated. Item Smuggler will now take as many items as you can contribute in 1 click. You can now only contribute up to 5 items per day to the Item Smuggler. The value for contributing items to the Item Smuggler has been increased to 25x. Providing you have above 25,000 Reputation, you will now always get a crate from the Item Smuggler. Pool Cue has been removed from the Item Smuggler. Connor's Bling has been added to the Item Smuggler. Fat Boy (T1) has been added to the Item Smuggler. Slim Boy (T1) has been added to the Item Smuggler. Succubus Helmet, Body & Legs have been added to the Item Smuggler. Monster Gloves & Boots have been added to the Item Smuggler. Seasonal Donation Machine now contains the Spooky Boxes content. P2W Ring (Quarantine) has had it's stats increased. Baby Dracula first option is longer pick-up. Mini Reaper first option is longer pick-up. Summer Nacklace has been given a sell for tax bags value. Spring Necklace has been given a sell for tax bags value. Leprechaun Hat has been given a sell for tax bags value. Skilling Tasks now reward tax bags. Shaman Defender stats have been nerfed given it's a low/mid tier boss. Ultimate Ironman accounts can now access their banks, but only to withdraw items the game has deposited in them, i.e daily rewards. Mythical Ore now only requires 90 Mining to use. Hellfire Trees now only require 90 Woodcutting to use. Stoner Box price has been reduced to 10,000 weed bags. Connor's Bling has been given Recycled Coins value. Rare Gold is no longer given as a daily login reward. Mutated Invasion collection log now works correctly. Senior Mutated Trio drops will now be announced. The Pink Dildo can now be used with Cosmetic Overrides. Lime Rex from General Khazard will now update the collection log correctly. Upgraded Champion Gear no longer requires completionist to be worn. EMB teleport from the interface has been updated to the correct location. EMB can now be spawned via the EMB Spawner in a single click, rather than typing. Crevice Pass is now a 1/40 drop, rather than 1/150. A close interface button has been added to the Perk Interface. A bank booth has been added to the EMB area. ::smuggler has been added for a quick teleport to the Item Smuggler. $5 & $10 bonds can now be combined to make $50 bonds. This comes with a 5,000 Tax Bag fee. CTRL + H can now be used for home teleporting. There were a lot of suggestions, so if yours wasn't added, it's possibly been noted for a future update. Please reload your client.
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      Extensive MythicalPS progression as of (9th Nov 2021) - incomplete You can view the list/guide below or you can download and view the word document. i will be trying to constantly update the list/guide. if i am missing anything or you wish for me to add things to it feel free to message me in-game or on the servers discord channel under the same username (Hobo/A Bastard). This guide/list is intended for new and existing players to follow for progression. You do not need to follow the list one after the other and can be done however, but this just provides details of thing the player can do. As with anything else if you need help feel free to ask. Enjoy 😃. Contents: 1. Things to know before starting out 2. Starting out! 3. What’s next…? 4. Late game 5. 1. Things to know before starting out · Tools: · Serverwide Info: · Player Stats: · · · 2. Starting out! Follow #starter-guide section on MythicalPS Discord channel! Below is a more extensive detailed list of rewards and starter tasks. · Mythical Guide tasks (::train) – No. (#) Task Requirements Rewards Comments (//) 1 Kill 50 Mario none 25x Bags 2 Set a pin (::setpin) none 5x mboxes + 10x Bags 3 Kill 50 bulging taxbags none 1x RoW + 10x Bags 4 Kill 100 mboxes none 1x supreme mbox + 10x Bags 5 Recycle an item none 100x D bones + 10x Bags Teleport to ::chest and use item onto ‘Item Recycler’ 6 Steal 28 banana’s none 1x Xp lamp + 10x Bags Teleport to either ::skilling or ::dz 7 Kill 100 soulless none 1x extra dr scroll + 30x Bags Spellbook -> boss -> easy bosses -> Souless 8 Kill 10 skirmish none 1x energy sword + 10x Bags Spellbook -> boss -> easy bosses -> Drop Rate Island 9 Kill 100 fat boy none 1x fat boy (t1) + 10x Bags Teleport to ::fatboy 10 Upgrade fat boy (t1) - 1x fat boy (t1) - 50x Bags 1x 25% D/R Ring + 50x Bags Use ‘Research Table’ at ::chest 11 Upgrade pikachu (t1) pet - 100 fat boy kills 1x Frost wings + 25x Bags 12 Upgrade cultist (t1) armour - 100 soulless kc - 100 fat boy kc - pikachu pet - 50x recycle coins 1x tax bag box 3. What’s next...? Below is a list of things that the player should/could aim to complete/achieve to progress further into the server and hopefully encounter other tasks that need to be done as well. No. (#) Tasks Requirements // 1 Obtain level 99 prayer - frost d bones - d bones 2 Obtain level 99 slayer none 3 Upgrade cultist armour to tier 4 (t4) - - 4 Complete all 91 achievements - - 5 Complete 30 skilling tasks - - 6 Obtain unlimited Prayer Badge - - Drugs lab minigame 7 Obtain collector’s necklace - - 8 Upgrade collector’s necklace - - 9 Upgrade collector’s necklace (i) - - 10 Obtain 50 cent bling - - 11 Upgrade 50 cent bling - - 12 Upgrade hellfire necklace - - 13 Obtain fat boy (t2) 14 Obtain fat boy (t3) 15 Obtain fat boy (t4) 16 Obtain fat boy (t5) - - 17 Obtain fat boy (t6) 18 Obtain fat boy (t7) 19 Obtain slim boy (t2) 20 Obtain slim boy (t3) 21 Obtain slim boy (t4) 22 Obtain slim boy (t5) 23 Obtain slim boy (T6) - - 24 Obtain slim boy (t7) 25 Obtain skirmish armour set - - 26 Obtain long-shot armour set - - 27 Obtain shaman armour set - - 28 Complete 10 lava raid runs - - ::raid1 29 Complete 10 S.W.A.T raid runs - - ::raid2 30 Complete 10 Kingdom of Hearts (KoH) raid runs - - ::raid3 31 Obtain raid master set - - 32 Obtain raider aura - - 33 Obtain speed gloves - - 34 Obtain ringmaster boots - - 35 Obtain roseblood gloves - - 36 Obtain off-hand recycle maul - - 37 Obtain off-hand recycle dart - - 38 Obtain off-hand recycle sceptre - - 39 Obtain penguin teleport scroll - - 40 Obtain mini demon teleport scroll - 250k 41 Obtain skillers amulet - - From ::shops 42 Kill 250 crex minions None ::minions 43 Kill 1,000 crex - 250 crex minion kc ::crex 44 Kill 500 succubus - 1,000 crex kc 45 Enter Darth Vader zone - 500 succubus kc ::vaders 46 Obtain mythical cloak (t1) - - 47 Obtain mythical cloak (t2) - - 48 Obtain mythical cloak (t3) - - 49 Obtain mythical cloak (t4) - - 50 Obtain mythical cloak (t5) - - 51 Obtain mythical cloak (t6) 52 Obtain monster boots - - 53 Obtain monster gloves - - 54 Upgrade pokemon pets to t7 - - 55 Obtain 30x 1% dr fragments - level 45 woodcutting From ::afk 56 Obtain 30x 2% dr fragments - level 45 woodcutting From ::afk 57 Research an insanely op key - - From research table 58 Obtain lit sword - - 59 Obtain animal bow - - 60 Obtain rainbow minigun - - 61 Obtain frozen staff - - 62 Obtain 500 trivia points - - 63 Reach super donator rank - - 64 Reach extreme donator rank - - 65 Reach legendary donator rank - - 66 Reach uber donator rank - - 67 Reach deluxe donator rank - - 68 Obtain Ice dragon armour set - - 69 Obtain ice dragon defender - - 70 Obtain succubus armour set - - 71 Obtain hellfire shadow sword 72 Obtain xp’d perk 73 Obtain fee earner perk 74 Obtain pile of shit codex 75 Visit experience lamp zone 76 Visit coin stack zone 77 Visit general khazard boss 78 Visit Escaped Mutant Beast boss 79 Visit weird ASF boss boss 80 Obtain regular slayer helmet 81 Obtain dragon slayer helm 82 Obtain infernal slayer helm 83 Obtain inactive master slayer helm 84 Obtain active master slayer helm 85 Obtain slayer emblem 86 Upgrade slayer emblem 87 Upgrade slayer emblem (i) 88 Obtain 10x slayer xp increaser 89 Obtain 10x slayer damage increaser 90 Obtain 10x slayer point increaser 91 Obtain slayer gloves 92 Obtain slayer boots 93 Obtain double slayer points ring 94 Obtain 50x 1% droprate (from skillers chest) 95 Obtain toolbag 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 4. Late game tasks No. (#) task requirements // 1 Complete 100 hard slayer tasks 2 Complete 250 hard slayer tasks 3 Collect 5,000 slayer points 4 Collect 10,000 slayer points 5 Complete 100 clue scrolls 6 Complete 100 lava raid runs 7 Complete 100 S.W.A.T raid runs 8 Complete 100 KoH raid runs 9 Unlock mutated dungeon raid 10 Obtain completionist (t) cape 11 Obtain max xp cape 12 Unlock all possible titles Obtain darth vader set 13 Research champion vader set 14 Create reborn king key 15 Obtain molten cough codex 16 Obtain raging codex 17 Obtain life saver codex 18 Obtain poison immunity codex 19 Obtain daily dose codex 20 Obtain full of health codex 21 Obtain speedster gloves (HP) 22 Obtain supreme boots (HP) 23 Obtain frostbite perk 24 Obtain demon health perk 25 Obtain hellfire damage perk 26 Obtain chesty fortune perk 27 Obtain champion power perk 28 Obtain active pokemon gauntlet 29 Obtain winged donator wings 30 Obtain mythical cloak (t6) 31 Obtain infinte overload potion 32 Upgrade infinite overload potion 33 Obtain collectors perk 34 Obtain toxic ring 35 Upgrade toxic ring 36 Kill 1,000 mythical beast 37 Obtain guardian cloak (t1) 38 Upgrade guardian cloak (t1) 39 Upgrade guardian cloak (t2) 40 Upgrade guardian cloak (t3) 41 Obtain guardian cloak (t5) 42 Obtain guardian cloak (t6) 43 Obtain champion hammer 44 Obtain champion chain 45 Obtain reborn chain 46 Obtain 10x vader elements 47 Research royal sigil 48 Research vader saber 49 Obtain thanos pet 50 Obtain dragonfire ward 51 Obtain may’o book 52 Obtain avernic defender 53 Research solak pet 54 Complete collection log 55 Complete all possible NPC tasks 56 Research elite reborn set 57 obtain mental case zapper 58 Obtain goku jr pet 59 Obtain blood justicar set 60 Obtain acid justicar set 61 Obtain 200% dr scroll 62 Obtain unlimited prayer scroll 63 Obtain unlimited prayer scroll extension 64 Obtain BYHOG from Bork 65 Reach VIP donator rank 66 Reach Sponsor donator rank 67 Obtain world boss totem 1 68 Obtain world boss totem 2 69 Obtain world boss totem 3 70 Obtain infinity totem 71 Obtain seasonal donation key part 1 72 Obtain seasonal donation key part 2 Obtain seasonal donation key part 3 Create crazy fucken op key Research seasonal donation key (full) Achieve 50bil total experience 5. Upgrade requirements · Pokemon upgrades Claim all 4 Pokemon pets via Quest tab > ‘Pets’ Pokemon Tier Requirements // Mewtwo T1 > t2 - 100 fat boy kills T2 > t3 - 250 soulless kills - 250 lexicus runewright kill T3 > t4 - 15 vote chests T4 > t5 - 10 lava raids - 10 S.W.A.T raids - 30 vote chest T5 > t6 - 1,000 goku jr kills - 1,000 ancient spider kills - 1,000 crex kills T6 > t7 - 100 lava raids - 100 S.W.A.T raids - 100 bork - 25,000 rc Charmeleon T1 > t2 - 100 fat boy kills T2 > t3 - 500 corp kills T3 > t4 - 15 vote chests T4 > t5 - reach wave 6 of island minigame - 30 vote chests T5 > t6 - 250 abbadon kills - 250 purple wyrm kills - 1,000 dark rex kills T6 > t7 - Squirtle T1 > t2 - 100 fat boy kills T2 > t3 - 200 glod kills T3 > t4 - 15 vote chests T4 > t5 - 250 medium stack kills T5 > t6 - 250 king kong kills - 500 skotizo kills - 50 hellfire dragon kills T6 > t7 - Pikachu T1 > t2 - 100 fat boy kills T2 > t3 - 100 baby wrencher kills T3 > t4 - 15 vote chests T4 > t5 - 500 large stack kills - 30 vote chests T5 > t6 - 500 water newb kills - 500 hulk kills - 500 bal’lak pummeler kills T6 > t7 - 250 guild champion kills - 1,000 ancient wizard kills - 10 xenmas kills - 1 sea troll queen kill - 50,000 rc Images 6. Notes: Raids: · Raid 1 (lava raid) = 500k points · Raid 2 (S.W.A.T raid) = 450k · Raid 3 (KoH raid) = 1m Fat boy requirements: Tiers Requirements (kills) // T3 > t4 - 250 custom hellhounds T5 > t6 - 500 crex - 500 blood warriors T6 > t7 - 500 hellfire dragons - 500 goku jrs - 500 darklord - 500 king kong · T3 > t4: o 250 custom hellhounds · T5 > t6: o 500 crex o 500 BWs · T6 > t7: o 500 hellfire dragons o 500 goku jrs o 500 darklord o 500 king kongs Guardian cloak requirements: Tiers Requirements // T4 > t5 - 500,000 Bags - 1,000 evil babies - 500 mental cases - 500 ancient spiders T5 > t6 - 1,000,000 Bags - 1,000 water newbs - 1,000 nurses - 500 EMBs - 500 guild champions - 50 solaks - 50 Sea troll queens T6 > t7 > t7 (t) - 1,000,000 Bags · T4 > t5: o 500,000 bags o 1,000 evil babies o 500 mental cases o 500 ancient spiders · T5 > t6: o 1,000,000 Bags o 1,000 water newbs o 1,000 nurses o 500 EMBs o 500 guild champion o 50 solaks o 50 STQs · T6 > t7 > t7 (t): o 1,000,000 Bags Slayer requirements: · Slayer emblem: o Emblem > (i): § o (1) > (ii): § 1,500 slayer points · Slayer helm: o Regular slayer helm > dragon slayer helm: § 1,000 slayer points § 1,000 Bags o Dragon slayer helm > infernal slayer helm: § 5,000 slayer points § 50,000 bags o infernal slayer helm > master slayer helm: § Inactive master slayer helm § 250,000 Bags Cultist requirements: Tiers Requirements // T1 > t2 - 100 soulless - 100 fat boy - pikachu (t1) - 50 rc T2 > t3 - fat boy (t2) - level 99 slayer - 500 afk toktens - pikachu (t3) - wave 10 of island minigame T3 > t4 - ‘a line’ - unlock turmoil upgrade - pikachu (t4) - 500 rc - 100 crex · T1 > t2: o 100 soulless kills o 100 fat boy kills o T1 pikachu o 50 rc · T2 > t3: o Fat boy t2 o Lvl 99 slayer o 500 afk tokens o T3 pikachu o Wave 10 of island minigame · T3 > t4 o ‘a line’ o Unlock turmoil upgrade o T4 pikachu o 500 rc o 100 crex kills Extensive MythicalPS progression.docx
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      Update #107 Clue Scroll Overhaul: It's been wanted for ages and it's here! As part of this update, all clue scrolls ingame have been reset. This means the clues you have, will have been removed. The new loot table is very different with new and exclusive items, so how they were so easy to obtain before would have damaging effects on this update. Changes; Clue Scrolls drop formula have been completely reconfigured and they're now much rarer. The Clue Scrolls completed variable for your account has been reset to 0. Clue Scrolls are no longer tradeable. Clue Scrolls are no longer always one step. All Clue Scroll step locations have been changed. Completionist Cape requirement has been reduced to 100 Clues. Third Age is now a separate loot table so it can be obtained, aswell as the unique loot. Collection Log has been added for Clue Scrolls. Loot interface has been removed (many complaints). New loot: Dwarf Cannon Upgrade (Doubles storage/damage - stacks with perks), Pocket Pouch Upgrade (+1 slot), Caskee (pet) - Increases the chances of finding Clue Scrolls by 25% Max Hit Gemstone (5%), Hitpoints Gemstone (+15/150), Speed Gemstone (Increases Attack Speed), Clued Up (Title), Clueless (Title), Infernal Virtus, Clue Solver Hat (Adds 1 additional item to your casket reward), Clue Solver Robe (Adds 1 additional item to your casket reward), Clue Solver Skirt (Adds 1 additional item to your casket reward). Heroic XP Mode: Are you up for the challenge? You can now play on Heroic XP which is 20x slower than other modes! A heroic only hiscores will be added soon. Headless Horseman now drops the entire outfit. Perks interface has had a complete overhaul. Bork's spawn location has been moved. Pokemon Gauntlet can no longer be used with the Ice Dragon Defender. Fixed a bug that prevented players with the Raider perk entering the Mutated Raid with Crevice Passes. You will no longer be teleported to the final boss if you haven't killed the Mutated Beast. Fixed a bug that made players immune to poison, still be poisoned inside Mutated Raids. Unlimited prayer in the Pocket Pouch now works correctly. Aggression Totems in the Pocket Pouch now work correctly. The item Skulled can now be used with Cosmetic Overrides. Daily login reward has been updated to 100 x Pumpkins. Double or Nothing aura now procs correctly whilst inside the aura pouch. The radius at which the Mutated Beast rewards players with a kill has been increased. Snakeskin boots no longer sell for Tax Bags. Psycho Mystery Box boss has been removed. Trivia question about Raids has been updated. Ice Dragon Defender stats have been slightly adjusted. Removed a mistaken XP reduction applied to Ironman accounts. Anti-Vax Shield now has a daily use limit of 50 chests. Aura Pouch "empty" option has been moved below the wield option. Added the command ::skilling. x2 Event Boss Damage perk now works against Headless Horseman. Double Drop Scrolls have been added to the Loyalty Store. Scroll of Praise has been added to the Loyalty Store. $10 Bond's have been added to the Loyalty Store. Clue Scrolls have been added to the Loyalty Store. Pocket Pouch Upgrade has been added to the Loyalty Store. Please reload your client.
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      Update #104 Given it's difficulty and length, the new raid will be in the next update, we hope for this to be in just 1 week! So get prepared! Adventurers Crate: A limited edition box has hit the store, however this one has some changes! Firstly, it's cheaper! It also has 14 possible rewards, much more than previous boxes! Offhand Umbrella - (Randomly rain Tax Bags during PVM - Unlike Fishing Rods, this DOES work at stacks), Energy Drink - (2x Attack Speed for 20 minutes - 2 hour cooldown), 10% Max Hit Increase (Mage) perk - (Increases your maximum possible hit by 10%), 10% Max Hit Increase (Range) perk - (Increases your maximum possible hit by 10%), 10% Max Hit Increase (Melee) perk - (Increases your maximum possible hit by 10%), Gauntlet Splitter perk - (Makes Gauntlet types 1H), Flaming Phat - (15/150HP + 100% drop rate - Also has a cool particle effect), Rocket Launcher - (BIS AOE damage/radius), Aura Pouch - (Allows you to benefit from 2 Auras at once), Extension Aura - (Overkill & Overload potion timers last twice as long), Double or Nothing Aura - (Your drop will either double, or be deleted), Raiders Sword - (Double damage inside raids), 4 x Store Mystery Box, 500 x Limited Key Tokens. Armour/Weapon balancing So after a lot of player feedback, it is clear that armour stats needed balancing, as for example getting Ice Dragon armour which is easily available, completely skips most of the in-game content, so the changes are below; Ice Dragon stats have been nerfed Succubus has been buffed Champion has been buffed Champion (u) has been buffed Reborn has been buffed Vader has been buffed T6 Fatboy has been buffed. Blow your head off (u) & (virus) now both have a special attack that will instantly remove 25% of your targets HP, by far the strongest spec in-game. A whole bunch of items sale value to the tax bag shop has been increased. Fixed a bug meaning players still had to have 5M tax bags for the T7 Guardian Cape. Brown Caskets no longer drop as often. Royal Sigil's collector effect now works correctly. Opening the boss teleport will now cancel any existing skilling action. ::vaders fee will now check for ironman and perk reductions. Dice Hosts can now request bank checks to prevent players being cleaned. Tax Bag shops have been added to the ::home buildings to make selling items easier and faster. Smilies will no longer be a default active option on the client. 10x hits are now the default option on the client. Please reload your client.
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      Update #103 High Tier Amulets: 3 new amulets have been added to the game. These are the strongest stat amulets ingame, with the exception of the Mythical Chain, which has been buffed in this update. Champions Amulet: Obtained from: Guild Champion. Effects: 25% Droprate Bonus. Chance: 1/400. Reborn Chain: Obtained from: Reborn King. Effects: 10% Droprate Bonus. Chance: 1/1,000. Royal Sigil: Obtained from: Research Table. Effects: Automatic Loot Collection, 35% Droprate Bonus. There is now a 1/100 chance to obtain a Box of Recycled Coins whilst recycling items with a value > 200. Dragonfire Ward inventory model now appears correctly. Duck Gang can now be used with cosmetic overrides. Brown pvm casket loot will now be added to your bank, instead of your inventory. You can no longer nothing from brown pvm caskets. Mystery Box mobs are ::dz4 have been replaced with Medium Stacks. Clue Scroll rewards now show on the interface correctly. Solak now drops Seasonal Donation Key (part 1). Goku (event) now drops Seasonal Donation Key (part 2). Sea Troll Queen now drops Seasonal Donation Key (part 3). Mythical Chain stats have been buffed & droprate bonus increased to 50%. Quest Cape value has been reduced to 100,000 Loyalty Points. T7 Guardian Cloak upgrade cost has been reduced to 1M Tax Bags. Please reload your client.
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      Hey guys!!! Cory here to attempt to help out all of the new people like me who get very overwhelmed with the amount of stuff to do once you get passed the first steps of MythicalPS! So before we get into the good stuff here is what I'm assuming you have before you start using this guide. *P.S. Don't worry the stuff on this list is easy to obtain* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Fatboy T5 or any other AOE weapon *99 Prayer **Needed for SoulSplit & Turmoil** *Skirmisher Armour or better *Speed Gloves ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With that out of the way we can move on to monstahs! ***That's right I said monstahs!*** .......Anyways.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crex ------------------------------------------------------- So in order to access Crex the first thing you are gonna need to do is go to ::minions you will need to kill 250 of these before you can start killing Crex. After you finish killing the minions you can then access ::crex It will say that you need 500 minions to kill them, but ignore that. Now that you are killing Crex your goal is to get a Crex Loot Crate drop which is 1/400, but will be pretty good armour until you can get better stuff later. The Succubus ---------------------------------------------------- Remember those Crex I mentioned above? Well get read to kill 1000 of them, because that is the requirement to access The Succubus. Once you have 1000 Crex kills and 1000 Tax Bags in your inventory work your way over to the Hard Boss teleports and choose The Succubus. The monsters have a lot more HP than the Crex does and a much harder drop to get, but it is a much more rewarding drop. You will be going for The Succubus Pouch which is a 1/1000 drop, but will be a huge upgrade on your current gear. Penguin ------------------------------------------------- Time to talk about my favorite animal and coincidentally an animal that has a really good drop. Sitting at a whopping 2.5m HP I present to you the Penguin. The Penguin drops the Penguin Loot Crate at a 1/1000 rate, but inside those crates you will find what is currently the fourth best armour in the game. The mighty Ice Dragon Armour. Now accessing the Penguin area is a little different than the above mentioned Monstahs. **I did it again** To get to this area you need what is called the Penguin Teleport. This teleport can be purchased from the Vote Store for 75 Votes or from other players. Blood Warriors ------------------------------------------------------------------ OooOOOooooooooH Spoooookyyyyy... Not really.. So Blood Warriors are good for a couple of reasons. First they drop the Infernal Pickaxe which can be sold to the Tax Bag Seller at ::shops for a whopping 8.5k EACH!!! That's right you heard me!!! INSANITY..... Anyways other than that they also have a 1/10k chance to drop Blood Justiciar armour which is REALLY good to sell, use on the Perk Creation Lectern at ::chest as part of the Chesty Fortune perk, or keep for that 100% Drop Rate per piece if you know what I mean ;P.... To access Blood Warriors all you do is go to ::bw or ::bwm now beware going to ::bwm, because it is a multi zone and they can kill you pretty easily. Slayer ----------------------------------------------------- You might have guessed this would be on here somewhere! Slayer is a great way to start making some good money. Whether it's from the bosses themselves or from the Slayer store. To get started on Slayer all you need to do is go ::home and speak with the lovely Slayer Master Once you hit level 99 in Slayer you can start doing Boss tasks which will give you better drops, but be warned that it could give you a boss that you can't kill yet or an event boss that doesn't always spawn. After collecting a ton of Slayer Points you can use them at the Slayer Point Store by talking to the Slayer Master again. There are tons of things worth getting in here, but one that stands out the most is the $5 Bond. You can use it to either increase your Donator Status or sell for some quick bags $$$$$$$$ During Slayer tasks you also have a chance to get Slayer Loot Chests & Bravek's Casket which also have some pretty good drops in them! Trivia ------------------------------------------------------------- Trivia is also a great way to get good at not only MythicalPS and RS information, but real world info as well. It also comes with a great surprise once you hit 500 Trivia Points. You can purchase a Candy Cane that sells for 425k Bags to the Bag Trader!!! In order to get started with Trivia all you have to do is wait for a question to pop up and then be the first or 2nd **NOTE 2nd person sometimes has to answer twice** to answer the question with ::answer *Answer Here* Once you have saved up enough points you just go to ::shops and trade with the Trivia Point Shop to get that sweet Candy Cane! Raids ------------------------------------------------------ To wrap this up lets talk about Raids. So in MythicalPS there are currently 3 Raids you can do. to access each one you go ::raid1 **Lava** ::raid2 **S.W.A.T.** or ::raid3 **Kingdom Hearts** Currently you get the most points from ::raid3 so that is the one I'll be showing you. Once in the raid you will be tasked with killing 4 different monstahs **last time I swear?** Killing these 4 monstahs ** ;P** gives you 4 different keys that you need to open the chest for each raid. **NOTE: You must use the keys before you can obtain more keys and points** The chests can be located at ::chest After opening the chest you will gain Raid Points which can be saved up and spent at ::egg Just a quick heads up the first thing you are going to want to buy out of here are the Raid Master Armour pieces, because they give a stackable 50% increase to damage done in Raids. Plus they are pretty good outside of the Raids as well! Well guys that is going to do it for this guide! I really hope it helps some of you out, because I know I really needed something like this when I first started. Another thing though! Do not be afraid to ask for help! The MythicalPS community is great and will always help you out if you just ask 😉 GL HF - Cory
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      Big one loved it mate ❤ nice work as always
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      Update #99 Perk Creation Lectern: You can now create your own perks ingame! Check out the lectern at ::chest for all the current unlockable perks. Collection Log Titles: Some new titles can now be obtained for completing certain collection logs; Raid Collector - Complete all 3 Raid collection logs, God of Loot - Completed the entire GWD collection log, Superman - Complete the Baby Heartwrencher collection log, Lucky - Complete the entire Drop Rate Island collection log, Fat - Complete the FatBoy collection log, General - Complete the General Khazard collection log, the Beast - Complete the Mythical Beast collection log, Jedi - Complete the Vader collection log. Weird - Complete the WEIRDASF boss collection log. Fixed Mythical Beasts collection log. Added Seasonal Key Part 3 to Shukarhazh collection log. Shukarhazh adding the wrong items to the log has been fixed. Fixed the Daily Rewards interface not darkening where it should. Pets interface now displays correctly. Fixed Candy Cane sale value. Crowns & Wands can now be used with cosmetic override kits. You can now use Quarantine ring (u) to upgrade your P2W ring. Fixed a bug causing some users HP to become stuck as 0. Fixed a bug causing some ::yell's to announce as a rare drop. Mini Guys now drop Tax Bags very often. ::train starter task rewards have been updated. Moved the 3rd Mental Case at ::Spz to the cage. Claiming the Max cape no longer requires the Maxed title. Mahogany Armchair now gives more construction experience. Reinforced armour has been added to the armour stat viewer. Added Internal Cape to cosmetic overrides. Added Teddy's to cosmetic overrides. Fixed a typo with the Frost Dragon Bone skilling task. Added an Ironman title. The formula which calculates the chances of triggering a fishing rod loot has been recalculated to be more balanced. Please reload your client.
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      Update #90 Mini Demon Zone: A new zone can now be accessed using the Mini Demon Teleport Scroll from the Loyalty Point Store. Stats; Hit points: 750,000 Weakness: Ranged Max Hit: 400 Rewards; Toxic Ring (BIS) - Can be upgraded to Toxic Ring (u) for drop rate bonus, collectors effect and even better stats. Toxic Demon armour (Toxic Spit Effect) NOTE: You can also upgrade the P2W Ring (ui) with the upgraded Toxic Ring. You can now purchase Tax Bag tickets from the raid points store which redeem up to 350,000 Tax Bags. Raging ranger has had some junk loot replaced with items of value. Dragon Slayer Destroyer attack speed has been reduced. Mental Case's will no longer teleport around the room. Knight's double experience has now been fixed. Box of Chocolates can now be traded after the effect has expired. Automatic Cannon Reload Perk can now be traded after the effect has expired. The X button on the Donation Perk Tree interface now works correctly. The X button on the Npc Tasks interface now works correctly. Fixed an issue causing the Aggression Totem perk to not work correctly. A bunch of monsters dropping noted Crystal Keys, now drop unnoted versions. The price of creating a Collectors Perk has been reduced to 3,000,000. Fixed some pet names appearing incorrect in the POS. Fixed a bug preventing players from using the Infinite Overload at the Reborn King. Please reload your client.
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      Update #60 Black Friday Sales: Sales all week long are now active on the store! Enjoy them whilst they last! Raids Reward Shop: You will now gain points, whilst doing raids. These are calculated based on how much damage you contribute to each kill. How does it work? Your points will be 0 at the start of a raid, opening the raid chest will cause these points to turn into spendable points in the new store. Can I stack my points? Yes, but if you start a new raid without opening a raid chest, your points that you gained from the previous raid will reset to 0. Can I camp one boss for the points? Yes you can, but it won't give you any benefit because the maximum spendable points you will get is based on the total hp of the full raid. So it would only be wasting your own time. Rewards: Speak to the npc next to the raids portal to access the store. $1 Scratch card, $5 Bond, $50 Bond, Insanely OP Key, Raid Aura, Collectors Book (Used at the research table to unlock the Collectors perk). Daily Rewards: A new bunch of items have been added to the daily login rewards! Day 2: 500 Snowballs Day 5: 40 Box of Lamps Day 7: Cold Bond Day 14: Purpee Santa Hat Collectors perk has been added. This will keep your collectors ability active all the time, without need the necklace, or ring. Added number formatting to shop prices. Fixed a bunch of spelling mistakes. Vials will no longer be added to your inventory when a potion has finished. Added Bandit spawns. Collectors necklace has been reduced in value at the AFK store. Drugs lab experience when pruning will now be based on how many weeds you have. Added ::succubus & ::succ as a shortcut to Succubus. Added ::mental as a shortcut to Mental Case. Added ::mbeast as a shortcut to Mythical Beast. Added a message in chat at the Afk Tree to say how many tokens have been obtained out of the daily amount. Pumpkins can now once again be spent in the exchange store. Collectors perk/necklace will now work at Shuk. Collectors perk/necklace will now work at WeirdASF Boss. Mythical scraps will now give the Skillers amulet 20 charges per scrap. Mythical ore will now respawn instantly. Elite Pikachu has been replaced with Elite Pokemon and a new model. Please reload your client.
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      Update #59 Cultist Armour: As per popular demand. We have now developed a new armour set that can be upgraded to T4. This armour is given to new players at T1 and various tasks can be completed to upgrade it through to T4. This armour is designed to help new players not only progress, but understand the server as they do this. Media: Tier 1: Tier 2: Tier 3: Tier 4: How to upgrade? Simply right click the armour to upgrade it. If you haven't met the requirements, a message will display showing what needs to be done to upgrade. Requirements: Tier 1 -> Tier 2 Gain 100 Soulless kills Gain 100 Fat boy kills Obtain a Pikachu pet Obtain 50 recycled coins from the Item Recycler. Tier 2 -> Tier 3 Upgrade Fat boy weapon to T2 Achieve a Slayer level of 99. Obtain 500 Afk Tree Tokens from ::afk. Upgrade Pikachu to Tier 3. Reach wave 10 of the Island minigame. Tier 3 -> Tier 4 Unlock the Turmoil upgrade from the boss point store. Upgrade Pikachu to Tier 4. Obtain 500 recycled coins from the Item Recycler. Obtain "A line" from the drugs the lab exchange. Gain 100 Crex kills. All players who qualify for a drop in a group boss kill will now be given the killcount increase. Firework potion now has a separate timer to the keg of Irish beer. This allows them to be used back to back. Starter armour has been removed from starter packages. Firework potion appearing as "none" has been fixed. Shukarhazh now drops a $5 bond. Succubus drops have been changed to 1 in 1k chance, instead of 1 in 5k. Succbus will now drop a pouch which can contain a random item of armour. Succubus hitpoints have been reduced to 3M. Penguin teleport scroll can now be purchased from the loyalty store for 800K points. Mythical beast hitpoints have been reduced to 6M. Berserker ring (i) will no longer announce as a rare drop. Toxic blowpipe will no longer announce as a rare drop. Dragon warhammer will no longer announce as a rare drop. Every Thursday the entire server will get a 100% droprate boost. Please reload your client.
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      Update #58 November Boxes: Only 1 month away from Xmas! How exciting, but November is first! Boxes are $10 cheaper this month as promised! Rewards; 5 x Store boxes, 20 x OP keys, 2 x $50 Bond, Automatic dwarf cannon reload perk, 75% droprate booster (Only 1 per account), Firework potion (Insane stat boost for 5 minutes, 1 hour cooldown), Ice Amulet (Extra hit worth 10% damage), Double drop ring. Penguin zone loot crate: Contents; Ice Dragon Armour (Equip the full set to benefit from frostbite. Randomly triggered, it will cause your target to suffer 2 further hits of 150% and 100% of your current hit) Insanely OP key Taxbag box Discord: Discord integration has been updated to the latest version! This allows us to do much more things with discord -> server. Cold bonds are now redeemable! Fixed an issue causing lagg between discord & server. Stoner gun now counts are a gun at swat raids. Please reload your client.
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      Update #53 Perks Interface: You can now open the perks interface via the quest tab. This fairly simple interface will display what perks you have active and perks you don't have active. Quality of Life: Reduced the delay when opening player owned shops. After searching for an item, the shops will no longer reset after clicking one. This will allow you to compare prices. As per the poll, third-age items have now been wiped from the game. You can still obtain third-age items from the red key chest, but at a 1/2000 chance. You can also obtain them from clue scrolls at 1/1500 chance. Removed red texture from third-age. Animations from cosmetic override weapons will now display if you have the item showing. Lit bug lantern can now be purchased from H'ween exchange. Lava web cloak can now be purchased from H'ween exchange. Fixed a bug causing long-shot bow to turn into boots when banked. Fixed a bug causing Shaman staff to turn into boots when banked. Removed boosted accounts from hiscores. VIP armour can now be recycled. Skilling points will now be rewarded randomly, whilst skilling. Woodcutting xp has been corrected. Please reload your client.
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      Update #52 Halloween Event: As per the poll on discord; players have voted to have the event start early. Hween boss: Headless Horseman is a level 666 boss who has overtaken Draynor Manor, your job is to take him down to restore order! Up to 20 people will obtain loot per kill! This boss is located at ::home through the portal! Stats: Maxhit: 500 Area of Effect: Sometimes Weakness: Doesn't have one Hitpoints: 66,666,666 Respawn: 15 Seconds Rewards: Hweens (Rarest drops at 1/2000 chance) Pumpkin Bulwark (25% chance to heal you, instead of dying) Jack lantern Reaper hood Horseman Gloves Horseman Boots Pumpkin Picking: This is an afk activity, similar to ancient farming at the skilling village. You can pick pumpkins located around the home area. You will gain a whole load of pumpkins which can then be used to exchange for the following rewards; Blood Skeleton Outfit (Recolour white with red) Blood Scythe, Ancient Scythe, Poison Scythe, Spooky Bond (Gives between $1-10 to your total donated) The shop can be opened by clicking on an unnoted pumpkin and it will ask you to exchange pumpkins for the rewards. You will get a mix of noted & unnoted pumpkins, however Deluxe donators+ will always get noted pumpkins. Limited edition Black H'ween Grab it on the donation store, after H'ween it will be discontinued forever! All Black H'ween purchases will also receive 2 Seasonal donation keys. Well double exp cost has increased. Limey bow is now a 2H weapon. Hiscores have been fixed. You can now use cosmetic overrides on scythe type weapons. You can now use cosmetic overrides on flowers. Fixed some bottoms not being able to be used as cosmetic overrides. Fixed deagles not being able to be used as cosmetic overrides. You can now use cosmetic overrides on verac's brassard. You can now use cosmetic overrides on the grain cape. You can now use cosmetic overrides on cavalier's. Please reload your client.
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      Update #51 September Boxes: Finally! A new box! We've made this box extra special because of feedback over the August box, so enjoy the OP goodies! Rewards; Supreme Reckless Aura (+50% ranged damage), Supreme Maniacal Aura (+25% magic damage), Supreme Healer Aura (+1000 HP) - This means if you have level 99HP, then it will be 199, but on 10x hits that is 1,000 HP, September Partyhat (100% drop rate bonus), Scroll of Fortune (Chance to gain extra tax bags whilst killing monsters), Wings of Experience (90% experience boost. Will NOT stack with xp auras), Ring of Fortune (150% drop rate bonus, but no stats), Infinite Overkill Stability (Keeps your overkill stats boosted for the duration), 2 x $50 Bonds, 20 x Insanely OP Keys, 5 x Store Boxes. Cosmetic Overrides: Following a successful beta test, i am proud to release this content to you all! I have worked on this for a long time and i hope you all enjoy it very much! What is this? This system allows you to use a cosmetic override kit on an item to override the equipment slot, so if you wanted to show off your santa hat, but wanted the stats of your malevolent helm, simply use a kit on the santa hat and now you all show off your santa hat, without the need to leave your malevolent helm at the bank! How do i obtain a kit? Kits are one time use consumables, they can be bought from the donation store. You can also obtain them from skiller chests which are dropped whilst skilling with the skillers amulet. These are classed as common loot. How do i toggle my overrides on/off & how do i get my item back after overriding it? Visit the cosmetic override interface which will allow you to toggle each individual slot on, or off. It will also allow you to reclaim your item, but you will not get the kit back. Extra Information: You must be wearing an item for your override to appear. Overrides will be turned off when you enter the wilderness. As it stands, max/comp cape colours do not work, however this will be added. Hiscores: For some time now, we haven't had hiscores and i am glad to say that they're now live on the website! Enjoy racing to top spots. Added hiscores button to the top of the client. You can now make an infinite overkill potion at the research table. Fixed 2,000 Mythical ore achievement. Fixed quest tab causing players to lock xp. Fixed an issue causing drop rate to overlap loyalty points in the quest tab. Hellfire logs are now stackable. Fixed frost dragon slayer teleport. Fixed a bug causing players run animations to freeze. Fixed youtuber drop rate bonus. OP Key parts are now stackable. Daily resets now occur the next day, rather than 24 hours later. Overloads have been removed from the loyalty store. Overloads have been added to the consumable store. Fixed a bug allowing players to benefit from the stability overload perk without redeeming it. Fixed the delay on overkill potions reaching the maximum boosted value. Xp well now requires 200,000 bags to activate. Bonds purchased from ::afk are no longer tradeable. Xmas crackers are now obtained via store boxes. Sants, Hweens & Phats have been removed from the game as per the poll which passed. (This does not include non-cosmetic versions) Please reload your client.
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      Update #50.5 Fixed thieving stalls in the skilling village. Added a mining shop at the quarry in the skilling village. Mine 2,000 Runite ores completionist requirement has been changed to 2,000 Mythical ores. Burn 2,500 Magic logs completionist requirement has been changed to 2,500 Hellfire logs. Harvest 10 Torstols completionist requirement has been changed to 150 Ancient herbs. The requirements will NOT be reset, so if you have already completed them, congratulations 🙂 Please reload your client.
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      Off-Hand Weapon Guide (Last Updated: 8/24/2020) Please use ctrl+f to navigate. Work in progress. There is a miscellaneous section of off-hands that have lesser values than the ones labelled in the "Tiered" sections. Melee Tiered Off-Hands Molten Spirit Shield Obtainable from: Corporeal Beast (Easy boss teleport or ::corp) Greywave Spirit Shield Obtainable from: Blood Warrior (Medium boss teleport or ::bw) Note: Multi blood warriors (::bwm) requires 2500 bags. Also in Deluxe & VIP Zone. See Donator Benefits. Heart Orb Obtainable from: Seasonal Donation Machine Note: This off-hand has 50% drop rate. Riot Shield Obtainable from: S.W.A.T Raid Chest (::chest, ::raid2, portal north of ::egg) Note: This is a weapon that can be upgraded into a higher tiered weapon. Note: Must use a Baton, Fatboy T7, or Gun for S.W.A.T Raid. Requires 25 bags to enter. Note: This off-hand has 30% drop rate. Defenders Spirit Shield Obtainable from: Corporeal Beast (Easy boss teleport or ::corp) Infernal Kiteshield Obtainable from: Shaman Defenders (Medium boss teleport or ::defenders), Dark Purplefire Wyrm (Hard boss teleport) Off-Hand Recycled Maul Obtainable from: Recycle Centre (::chest) Demonic Teddy Obtainable from: No longer available. Note: This off-hand has 60% drop rate. Avernic Defender Obtainable from: Seasonal Donation Machine Note: This off-hand has 25% drop rate. Off-hand Hellfire Shadow Sword Obtainable from: August Box Magic Tiered Off-Hands Gold Dreadful Shield Obtainable from: Crystal key chest (::chest) Godstone Shield Obtainable from: Crystal key chest Dragonbone kiteshield Obtainable from: Tokash (Medium boss teleport or ::tokash), Abbadon (Hard boss teleport or ::abbadon), King Kong (Hard boss teleport) Riot Shield Obtainable from: S.W.A.T Raid Chest (::chest, ::raid2, portal north of ::egg) Note: This is a weapon that can be upgraded into a higher tiered weapon. Note: Must use a Baton, Fatboy T7, or Gun for S.W.A.T Raid. Requires 25 bags to enter. Note: This off-hand has 30% drop rate. Heart Orb Obtainable from: Seasonal Donation Machine Note: This off-hand has 50% drop rate. Goku Plushie Obtainable from: Goku JR (Hard boss teleport, Completionist zone, Extreme/Deluxe/VIP zone) Note: Completionist zone requires 91 achievements completed. Donator benefits can be seen Here. Off-hand Robotic Sceptre Obtainable from: Recycle Centre (::chest) May’o Book Obtainable from: Seasonal Donation Machine Note: This off-hand has 25% drop rate. Range Tiered Off-Hands Gold Dreadful Shield Obtainable from: Crystal key chest (::chest) Godstone Shield Obtainable from: Crystal key chest Riot Shield Obtainable from: S.W.A.T Raid Chest (::chest, ::raid2, portal north of ::egg) Note: This is a weapon that can be upgraded into a higher tiered weapon. Note: Must use a Baton, Fatboy T7, or Gun for S.W.A.T Raid. Requires 25 bags to enter. Note: This off-hand has 30% drop rate. Heart Orb Obtainable from: Seasonal Donation Machine Note: This off-hand has 50% drop rate. Stoner Shield Obtainable from: Stoner box (Drugs lab minigame teleport) Off-hand Salvage Dart Obtainable from: Recycle Centre (::chest) Dragonfire Ward Obtainable from: Seasonal Donation Machine Note: This off-hand has 25% drop rate. Miscellaneous Items - Ranked in order of Strength Bonus Blue Dreadful Shield Obtainable from: Crystal Key chest (::chest) Disco Spirit Shield Obtainable from: Corporeal Beast (Easy boss teleport or ::corp) Red Spirit Shield Obtainable from: Corporeal Beast (Easy boss teleport or ::corp) Malevolent Shield Obtainable from: Crystal Key chest (::chest) Legacy Shield Obtainable from: Crystal Key chest (::chest) Dark blue Dreadful Shield Obtainable from: Crystal Key chest (::chest) Grim Shield Obtainable from: Crystal Key chest (::chest) Bloody Dreadful Shield Obtainable from: Crystal Key chest (::chest) Ancient Spirit Shield Obtainable from: Corporeal Beast (Easy boss teleport or ::corp) Frost Spirit Shield Obtainable from: Corporeal Beast (Easy boss teleport or ::corp) Credits to: Lil Mia and Sam for supplying a large amount of the gear for the pictures.
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      Update #49 Irish Coin: Irish coin can now be used a gamble token at the Seasonal Donation Machine. You can obtain any of the following rewards; 1 x August Box (Will change every time we enter a new month), 1 - 2 x Store Mystery Box, 2 - 3 x Insanely OP Keys, 1 x Super Taxbag Box, 1 x Double Drops Scroll, 1 x Hellfire Shadow Sword, 15 x Taxbag Box, 15 x Scratch Cards, $5 Bond, $10 Bond, $25 Bond, $50 Bond. $10 Scratch Card: You can now combine 15 $1 Scratch Cards to make a $10 Scratch Card. $10 cards will give atleast 50 tax bags if you lose, unlike $1 which gives nothing. Matching 2 will also give a $1 Scratch Card. New Rewards: Scythe of Vitur (Has the largest range of AOE attack & also has the highest minimum hit for a melee AOE attack) $50 Bond, $25 Bond, $10 Bond, Double Drop Scroll, Double XP Scroll, Taxbag Box, Super Taxbag Box (Upto 20k bags). Mental Cases's Zapper is now an AOE weapon. Mental Case's Zapper now counts as a gun in the SWAT raids. Changed scratch cards first option to "Scratch". Fixed an issue causing console spam. Updated Seasonal Donation Machine loot table. VIP Donator rank now has the no GWD kc requirement perk. Staff can now grab starter packs from the Staff table. Deluxe tree at VIP zone now acts as an AFK tree which provides twice the amount of rewards. Deluxe tree has been renamed to Deluxe AFK Tree. Updated guide directory to include Magic & Ranged armour guide (Thanks Fura). Please reload your client.
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      Mage Armor Guide (Last Updated: 10/15/2020) Please use ctrl+f to navigate. Work in progress. Starters Mystic Obtainable from: Shops area (::shops) Drop rate %: None Dagon ‘Hai Obtainable from: Shops area (::shops) Drop rate %: None Virtus Obtainable from: Tree Spirit (Easy training teleport), Nex (Easy Boss Teleport) Drop rate %: None Frozen Obtainable from: Insanely OP Key Chest (::chest) Drop rate %: None Trickster Obtainable from: Boss point store (::shops) Drop rate %: None Early Game Battle-mage Obtainable from: Lexicus Runewright Drop rate %: None Vortex Obtainable from: Bork (Mass boss Training Teleport or ::bork), Bal'lak The Pummeler (Hard Boss teleport) Drop rate %: None Abyssal Obtainable from: Santa shop (::event), Warmonger (Easy boss teleport or ::war) Drop rate %: 15 per piece Shaman Obtainable from: Drop rate Island (Easy boss teleport) Drop rate %: 10 per piece Mid-game Dragon-age Obtainable from: Hellfire dragon (Hard boss teleport) Drop rate %: None Lit Void Obtainable from: The Island minigame (Minigame teleport) Note: Full set has a 40% damage bonus. Top and bottom are 4000 magic bonus each. Drop rate %: None Darkblue Obtainable from: Dark Wizard (Medium boss teleport) Drop rate %: None Ancient Purplefire Obtainable from: Dark Purplefire Wyrm (Hard boss teleport) Drop rate %: None Late game Gold Virtus Obtainable from: Boss point store (::shops) Drop rate %: None Vader Obtainable from: Vader chests from Vaders (Hard boss teleport) Note: Must have 500 ::minions, 2500 ::crex, and 250 Succubus kc to teleport to Vaders. Requires 2500 bags for teleport. Drop rate %: None Champion Obtainable from: Champion chests from Itsyaboi (Guild Champion hard boss teleport) Note: Must have completed all 91 achievements for teleport. This gear can be upgraded into Champion U. Drop rate %: None Champion (115%) Obtainable from: Combining Blood Justiciar and Acid Justiciar with Champion gear. Note: Must have completed all 91 achievements to equip. Drop rate %: 115 per piece. Infernal Virtus Obtainable from: Weird as f boss (Event boss in Hard training teleport or ::wab) Drop rate %: None VIP Set Obtainable from: VIP Loot bags from Angry Unicorn (VIP zone, ::vz) Note: Must have $2500 donated amount. See benefits guide for more Here. Drop rate %: 30 per piece. End Game Sorab Obtainable from: Kingdom of Hearts Raid Chest (::chest, ::raid3, portal north of ::egg) Note: Raid 3 requires 100 bulging tax bags to enter. Drop rate %: 45 per piece. Champion Vader Obtainable from: Research Table (Vader element + Vader piece + Taxbags + Champion U) Drop rate %: 120 per piece. Gloves Mystic Obtainable from: Shops area (::shops) Drop rate %: None Trickster gloves Obtainable from: Boss point shop (::shops) Drop rate %: None Lit Void Obtainable from: The Island minigame (Minigame teleport) Drop rate %: None Shaman Obtainable from: Drop Rate Island (Easy boss teleport) Drop rate %: 10 Goku Obtainable from: Goku JR (Hard boss teleport, Completionist zone, Extreme/Deluxe/VIP zone) Note: Completionist zone requires 91 achievements completed. Donator benefits can be seen Here. Hard boss teleport requires 100 tax bags. Drop rate %: 50 Monster gloves Obtainable from: Research table (::chest) Drop rate %: 60. Supreme Obtainable from: Research Table (::chest) Drop rate %: 90 Speedster Gloves Obtainable from: Research table (::chest) Drop rate %: 90. Horseman Gloves Obtainable from: Halloween Mass Event! Check Here. Drop rate %: None Boots Mystic Obtainable from: Shops area (::shops) Drop rate %: None Eternal Boots Obtainable from: Cerberus (Easy boss teleport) Drop rate %: None Trickster boots Obtainable from: Boss point shop (::shops) Drop rate %: None Shaman Obtainable from: Drop Rate Island (Easy boss teleport) Drop rate %: 10 Sorab Obtainable from: Kingdom of Hearts Raid Chest (::chest, ::raid3, portal north of ::egg) Note: Raid 3 requires 100 bulging tax bags to enter. Drop rate %: None Supreme Obtainable from: Research Table (::chest) Drop rate %: 90 Horseman Boots Obtainable from: Halloween Mass Event! Check Here. Drop rate %: None Capes Saradomin/Guthix/Zamorak Obtainable from: Shops area (::shops) Drop rate %: None Love cape Obtainable from: Mystery box Drop rate %: None Hellfire Wings Obtainable from: Hellfire Dragon (Hard boss teleport) Drop rate %: None Dragon backpack Obtainable from: Insanely OP Chest (::chest) Drop rate %: None Mythical Cape Tier 1 Obtainable from: Mythical beast chests (Hard boss teleport) Drop rate %: None Mythical Cape Tier 2 Obtainable from: Research Table Drop rate %: None Mythical Cape Tier 3 Obtainable from: Research Table Drop rate %: None Mythical Cape Tier 4 Obtainable from: Research Table Drop rate %: 10. Mythical Cape Tier 5 Obtainable from: Research Table Drop rate %: 30 Completionist Obtainable from: Veteran (::edge) Note: Must have completed all 91 achievements. Drop rate %: 25. Rainbow Max Cape Obtainable from: Store box (::afk or ::store) Drop rate %: None Mythical Cape Tier 6 Obtainable from: Research Table Drop rate %: 75 Mythical Cape Tier 7 Obtainable from: Research Table Drop rate %: 150 Notable Pieces Goku’s Head Obtainable from: Goku JR (Hard boss teleport, Completionist zone, Extreme/Deluxe/VIP zone) Note: Completionist zone requires 91 achievements completed. Donator benefits can be seen Here. Hard boss teleport requires 100 tax bags. Drop rate %: 60 Donated Items (Limited) Bunny Ears Obtainable from: Mythical beast chests (Hard boss teleport) Drop rate %: 75 Valentine Hat Obtainable from: Seasonal Donation Machine Drop rate %: 50 Dragonbone Cape Obtainable from: Seasonal Donation Machine or January Box Drop rate %: None Aussie Cape Obtainable from: Seasonal Donation Machine Drop rate %: 100 Megazord Obtainable from: Seasonal Donation Machine Drop rate %: 80 per piece. Horseman Obtainable from: October Box Drop rate %: 80 per piece. Drop Rate Blood Justiciar Obtainable from: Blood Warriors (::bw) Note: Multi blood warriors (::bwm) requires 2500 bags. Also in Deluxe & VIP zone. Drop rate %: 100 per piece. July party hat Obtainable from: July box Drop rate %: 140 Leprechaun hat Obtainable from: Seasonal Donation Machine Drop rate %: 80 Credits to: Hsf, Jake, and Kandy for supplying a large amount of gear for pictures.
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      Update #47 August Boxes: Another month, another new juicy box! Possible Rewards: 5 x Store Boxes, 20 x OP Keys, 2 x $50 Bonds, Black Dragon Helmet (Melee/Range + 80% d/r), Black Dragon Platebody (Melee/Range + 80% d/r), Black Dragon Legs (Melee/Range + 80% d/r), Flaming Sword (Has a 10% chance to deal additional fire damage) Supreme Berserker Aura (50% additional melee damage) Offhand Hellfire Sword (BIS) Daily Rewards: You can now be rewarded for the more often you login! The same lock that applies to achievements, will apply to this. This will stop multiple accounts claiming. Rewards: Day 1: 5 x Crystal Keys Day 2: Supreme Mystery Box Day 3: 5 x Scratch Cards Day 4: Insanely OP Key Day 5: Infernal Mystery Box Day 6: Double Xp Scroll Day 7: Double Drop Scroll Day 8: $5 Bond Day 9: 20 x Taxbag Box Day 10: 10,000 x Tax Bags Day 11: 2 x Double Xp Scroll Day 12: 2 x Double Drops Scroll Day 13: $10 Bond Day 14: Special H'ween Mask After the 14th day, you will reset and go back to day 1. These rewards will often change, so best to keep logging in. AFK Tree Rewards Revamp: You will now obtain AFK Tree Tokens whilst using the AFK tree. Rates are approximately 1600-1800 per hour. These can be spent in the shop below which is found at ::AFK; SUMMER SALE NOW ACTIVE ON ::DONATE UNTIL 1ST AUGUST! The Sell for Taxbags shop now accepts items from raids and a few others. (If anymore need to be added, please put it on discord) Unique model has been added for weed plants at the Drugs Lab. Added additional logs to help Jake monitor. Lit void now produces +40% damage instead of +20%. Stoner gear has been nerfed. Removed messages generated when hand cannon shots proc effect. $5 bond in Drugs Lab is now a $10 bond. Dagannoth Kings rings will no longer announce as a rare drop. Ring of the Gods will no longer announce as a rare drop. Fixed an issue causing delays when opening POS. Please reload your client.
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      Update #46 Mental Case's Zapper: Mental case boss can now drop this weapon. It's drop chance is 1/10k and not affected by drop rate bonuses. Attack speed is the 2nd fastest in-game behind Blow Your Head Off (u). It uses hand cannon shots for ammo & hits 3 times per attack which is 1 less than Blow Your Head Off (u). SUMMER SALE NOW ACTIVE ON ::DONATE UNTIL 1ST AUGUST! Added an additional floor of Mental Case spawns. Mental case's drops will now announce. Mental case's teleport fee has been increased to 2,500 tax bags. 1/10k drops will now be announced on discord. BYHO (u) creation requirements have been changed. $5 bonds can now be purchased from the drug dealer at the Drugs Lab. Unlimited prayer badge can now be purchased from the drug dealer at the Drugs Lab. Bagged illegal weed is now tradeable. Stoner chain has been buffed. Mystic robes, Seer's ring & Staff of Light can now be obtained in the Island minigame. T7 Fatboy stats have been increased. T7 Fatboy can now be used in the SWAT raid. Champion vader gear droprate bonus has been increased by 5% per item. Added ::raid3 command. Unlimited prayer scroll is no longer stackable. Please reload your client.
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      Update #45 The newest addition to our bosses is Mental Case! This crazy dude will utterly destroy you if you aren't well equip! Stats: Hitpoints: 7,000,000 Max Hit: 500 Respawn: 20 seconds Multi: No Weakness: N/A Special: Can cause you to be dragged into the air and deal up to 1,500 damage in a single game tick. Requirements: 1,500 Tax bags per teleport Drops: Ring of Flying (Whilst worn your player will fly around) Frozen hand cannon shots (10% chance to freeze your target) Lava hand cannon shots (10% chance to apply an additional burn damage to your target) Heavy hand cannon shots (Double the ranged bonus) Speed Gloves (Increases Range/Melee attack speed by 20%) Media: Collecting weed from the bushes is now automated and you no longer need to spam them. Fixed a bug making P2W ring stackable. Red keys are now stackable. Weed bush models have been updated at Drugs Lab. Weed icon is now a shield slot item. Goku Elite pet droprate bonus has been increased to 135%. Upgrading items is now automated, providing you have the required items. Upgrading items is now much faster. VIP donators now obtain 2 picked weed per action. Stoner box drop chance is now much more likely to be obtained with a full inventory of weed. A raid on the drugs lab is now 20% more likely to occur. Fixed some issues with POS causing some server wide delays. Please reload your client.
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      In-game Rules: 1. Respect players & staff. Any form of textual harassment towards players or staff will not be tolerated. However, we will not allow the use of textual harassment in the clan chat or public chat. If you do not comply with this rule the result on your access to the game will be revoked. 2. Racism. Any use of racism will not be tolerated. We ask players to be respectful of the words they choose to use in chat, as it could come across differently to another person causing unnecessary drama. 3. Safespotting. Safespotting is not permitted in profitable areas. Areas of such include; bosses, mini bosses and any monster that has a profitable drop. Punishment can be a bank reset & ban if continued. 4. Cheating/Macro. We do not allow to use of auto clickers (Except for opening chests which CANNOT be faster than 1 second per click), auto-typers & anything that does the work for you. The result in being caught can range from an account reset to a full computer ban. Auto clicking inventory abilities is an instant ban without warning. 5. Advertising. Do not mention any other "RSPS". This is not allowed in private messages, public chat, forums, discord etc. Any mention of an RSPS within the MythicalPS community can result in punishment. 6. Bug abuse. Any form of bug abuse will not be tolerated. We respect our community and we expect the community to be honest with us if they find an unlikely bug in the system. 7. Scamming. Scamming is not acceptable. Should the user provide proof of the scam, we will use the necessary tools to understand what happened. Note: Luring is not classed as scamming, trust at your own will. Scamming is also covered under Item Manipulation. This is done by intentionally trying to cause items to rise or crash. Listing items on POS for ridiculously high prices in order to manipulate is against the rules. You may find your item is removed from the game & your POS if you're seen to be doing this. 8. Alternate Accounts. You are prohibited from using 2 or more alternate accounts that meet in the same regional area such as Bosses & other Monsters, Minigames, Skilling & events such as masses. You are strictly only allowed to meet at home together. You are also not allowed to use multiple accounts on the same activity, regardless if there are multiple zones for the same activity. 9. Discord Give Away's. You are allowed to enter a give away once. Entering with multiple accounts will result in the rewards being taken away & an additional punishment on your main account. 10. In-game Give Away's Hosting an in-game giveaway's without consent from a staff member is without doubt forbidden and punishable. If a player wishes to host a giveaway or give out items (end-game & DR items) to other players for free will have to seek staff assistance before hosting & giving away items. 11. Begging. Users in both in-game or using our discord to beg for items in-game is strictly forbidden. We will not tolerate such behaviour anywhere and this includes private messages. This includes help for 'rebuilding', 'loans' or by repeatedly trading a player or member of staff. Punishments will be dished out if caught. 12. Help CC The 'Help CC' is vital for all players especially new comers to ask questions and receive answers. We will not tolerate any of the following; hosting giveaways, using BLOCK CAPITALS excessively, we understand it can be fun to use it sometimes. Or discuss help from staff members private messages in there at all. All rules still apply in this CC such as offensive language, flaming & begging, these are all forbidden in the Help CC. 13. Real World Trading (RWT) MythicalPS community players are not allowed to sell MythicalPS wealth such as currency, items & accounts for any other game currency / items or RSGP, Paypal, or any other form of real life currency. Accounts performing RWT will be banned without question. 14. Item Lending If you are lending a user on MythicalPS an item or in-game currency make sure you get media proof of the lend and a lent agreement screenshot. In the events of not getting your lent item / items returned due to not having the necessary evidence of the lent trade. Staff will not get involved with this matter. (MAKE SURE YOU SCREENSHOT THE AGREEMENT AND THE ITEMS!) 15. Selling/Buying Donations Selling donations should now follow the price range in #donation-info in Discord. 16. Dropping Items Dropping items, or hosting drop parties without Moderator+ permission is now a ban able offence. All items will also be recovered by staff. 17. Wilderness Specific No luring by any means, any attempt of this may result in a ban. Any attempt to exploit the system around preventing OP customs or perks in Wilderness may result in a permanent ban Discord Rules: 1. Advertising. Do not mention any other "RSPS". This is not allowed in private messages, public chat, forums, discord etc. Any mention of an RSPS within the MythicalPS community can result in punishment. 2. Sensibility & respect of each channel Please treat each channel with dignity and stick to the said channel with the correct content inside & do not post messages in the wrong channels. 3. Spam If channels are being spammed, we'll automatically enable slow-mode for said channel. We won't tolerate spam in channels as it just causes a mess and we have to deal with it. 4. discord_rank_request Pretty simple, we will only allow screenshots of i.e Donation ranks in there, no form of conversations will be allowed in there what so ever. 5. Respecting others Please accept our users for who they are and acknowledge / accept their personal boundaries . If for some reason a user wants to be treated a certain way you should honor them that wish and treat them with respect. This rule also includes no racism. We will not tolerate any form of racism, if you wish to do this take it to direct messages (pm) as it can come across differently to other users who may get offended. Failure to abide by these rules will result in being muted. 6. Sharing of personal details In the MythicalPS discord server, we do not want to see any form of personal details anywhere. Ranging from social media messages to profiles etc (unless you are the owner and give consent). Anything in the form of another users personal profile will be deleted and the user who posted it permanently banned from this discord server without hesitation. 7. No harassment We do not tolerate users harassing other MythicalPS users, whether you know each other or not. Nobody should be harassed at all. Failing to comply with this rule and if proof is shown of a user harassing another user will result in a server ban. Gambling Rules / guide I guess: --------------------------------- 1. Host's accept taxbags only. 2. Hosts can only host the Mythical users 3 games, Hot or cold, 55x2 & Blackjack. 3. Hosts are required to record their sessions in #Gambling_log. (This is mandatory) 4. Hosts have the right to not accept bets from certain users, (black listed players). 5. in-game rules apply. 6. Flower poker is strictly for Host vs Host. Do not ask a host to play a game of FP with you unless you yourself own the Host rank as well. Games that Hosts can play on MythicalPS: 55x2 - The host will roll a 100 sided dice bag, if the number is 55 or higher, then the better will win the pot. (Your bet will be doubled if you win). However, if the number is below 55, this means the host will win. Blackjack [BJ] - the host will roll a 2, 6 sided dice bag and the better can decide whether to hit or stay. The aim of this game is to get as close to the number 21 without going over 21. Once better is certain to stay on a number, the hosts aim is to beat this number by rolling the dice until they either beat the number or go over 21 (bust). If the better rolls over 21 the host will win the game. If the host beats the betters number which the user stayed on without going over 21 the host will win. if the host ties with the better's number, this means the host is to refund the bet. if the host rolls over 21 while trying to beat the betters number they stayed on, the better will win the game. Flowers - Hot or Cold The ideology of this game is 'Hot' or 'Cold' colors. After you have placed your bet. You will have to decide and say either 'hot' or 'cold'. Then the host will plant the flower, and you'll either win or lose. To win the host will plant the flower you picked and you will receive double the bet you placed (x2) (for example 1m bet will turn into 2m if you win). If you lose the host does not plant the colors you picked and you lose your bet. For the host to automatically win, they must plant a rainbow flower. If a black or white flower gets planted, it's a replant. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Regards, Jake, Connor & the Staff Team.
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      So one of our fellow veterans of the server, has created this wonderful starter guide video. This video is aimed at new players joining the server. With that being said, I have personally reviewed this video and I think for a video it is amazing work and will definitely help new players get started if they don't like reading texted based guides. Regards, Jake Credits to: @hc universe Thank you very much Sir, I appreciate it a lot! Definitely recommend watching the video, but in the event that you prefer text: Type ::refer, then type in the the voting site or youtuber that you found the server at when it asks who referred you. Do the tasks that the training NPC is asking you to finish at ::train. All keys can be used at an area called ::chest including Crystal Keys. In the same chest area, you can "recycle" various weapons and items to get other off-hands or auras. You can find the recycle guide here: https://mythicalps.com/index.php?/topic/32-recycle-centre-guide/ Train your prayer killing Otherworldly Beings at donator zone (::dz) until you can use Soul Split. You can checkout donator benefits by typing ::benefits in-game To get a free pet, go to your Quest Tab -> Pets -> Scroll Down -> Click Pikachu,charmeleon,mewtwo and squirtle Pokemon pets -> Claim. Pokemons can be upgraded left click on them in inventory to check the requirement for their upgrade, also don't forget to use the useful tools in quest tab like item compare,armour stat viewer and others Starter gear can be obtained at Drop Rate Island (Easy boss teleport). The bosses have 12k/120k hp and the rare drops for armour are 1/400, for pet and weapon it’s 1/1000 Starter weapons can be obtained at Fatboy boss (Easy boss teles), “Fatboy” for meele and “Slimboy” for range Fatboy has low hp 500/5k, the weapon drops are only 1/400 and you get a guaranteed fatboy at 500kc for npc task completion For skilling you can press on any skill in your skill tab and it will take you to an area for that skill Don’t forget to check out the shops area, to get there just use the cmd ::shops , here you can spend your boss points,loyalty points,vote points etc. Buy food,potions and other goodies that you might need For more questions ask the staff team or other players in-game, we're always glad to help!
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      Update #38 Seasonal Donation Machine: Credit goes to One for this suggestion. All previous monthly box loot would usually be discontinued and this made it difficult for people to upgrade certain items. The seasonal donation machine will only contain previous monthly box loot, however... You cannot purchase these keys. The keys will be granted as part of donation promos & kept rare to maintain the value of these items. Note: Any item that is obtainable else where, will not be added. I.e Irish coin. Media: June Boxes: As we move into June a new monthly box arrives! This one is massively based on player ideas. Loot: 1H Magic staff with AOE ability. 1H Ranged crossbow with AOE ability. Aussie Cape (20k attack stats + 100% d/r bonus). Collectors ring (5k stats + collector ability). Megazord helmet (BIS Ranged/Magic helmet + 80% d/r bonus). Megazord body (BIS Ranged/Magic body + 80% d/r bonus). Megazord legs (BIS Ranged/Magic legs + 80% d/r bonus). 5 x Store boxes. 20 x OP keys. . Fat boy T7 is now a 1 handed weapon. Removed a hotkey causing npcs to vanish & not respawn. Corrected Insanely op key typos. World npc spawn limit has now been doubled & resources increased. You can now obtain ice barrage runes in the Island minigame. Ancient spider is no longer aggressive. Ancient spider is no longer a multi zone. Added more Ancient spider spawns. Darklord's will now respawn every 10 seconds. Op keys are now more common from the afk tree. You can now obtain bonds from the afk tree. You can now obtain supreme mystery boxes from the afk tree. You can now obtain store mystery boxes from the afk tree. Please reload your client.
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      Update #34 F2P Coin Stack rework: For a long time, it has been extremely hard for f2p users to make use of AOE weapons and on top of that, they struggle to make cash. We have setup a new map that is very large full of coin stack variants & also a small multi area. Media: Coin stacks teleport name will no longer say "large". Dark angel's armour has been added. Clue scroll perk now rewards the correct casket. Vader sabre is now an AOE weapon. 4 tile radius. Vader sabre now has increased damage against completionist guild boss. Vader sabre can now be used as the final blow weapon against completionist guild boss. Fixed an issue causing a rare mass disconnection (hopefully). Please reload your client.
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      Update #32 Vaders Island: As per popular demand, we're introducing a new grindable location. You can fight a very strong Vader boss that has some amazing unique rewards. Requirements: 2,500 Tax bags (per teleport) 250 Succubus kills Rewards: Darth Vader Armour(Equal stats to champion gear, without d/r) Vader Element (Can be used to make the Vader Saber). Vader Saber (Made at the research table. BIS). Media: Easter event has now ended. Mythical bunny drop rate has been reduced to 55%. Champions chest now gives the correct op key parts. Removed a nulled pet from pet mystery boxes. Please reload your client.
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      Awesome guide! Thanks a lot 🙌 To speed up fletching go to Glacors Cave (Magic tab -> D tele -> Bosses 2 -> right top corner 'Glacors Cave') Glacors have a chance to drop 4500 headless arrows.
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      Update #28 March Boxes: As we move out of February, the February boxes discontinue to never be seen again! It isn't all bad because we now have the March boxes! Loot: Irish Keg (Personal 5 minute beast mode every 2 hours) Leprechaun Pet (Chance to Double Drop) Irish Beer (Strong Melee weapon) Turmoil DMG Upgrade (Upgrades the base turmoil stat by 1%) Leprechaun Hat (80% droprate) 150% Droprate Aura Irish Coin (Can be used to upgrade Owner Cape (u) droprate or upgrade the Leprechaun pet to have 50% droprate also). 20 x OP Keys 2 x $50 Bonds 5 x Store Mystery Boxes Fixed an issue with shift-bank feature banking items in noted form. Final Olm room will now instantly respawn. Fixed an issue with thieving achievement. (This will reset anyone who didn't actually complete it legitmately). February items/boxes are now discontinued. Please reload your client.
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      the armour looks sick 😄
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      ----Mining Guide---- Getting you to where you need to be! 1-99 guide - STEP 1 : Starting Off - To start of this guide, I'll be showing you how to start mining if you're a basic Skiller. To start, Click on your status Bar tab and click on the Mining Skill. Now make your way west of the teleport and speak to the Mining Instructor, there he will have equipment for you to start your mining Journey! All Ores are located at this location, feel free to wonder around and play around and see which way helps you level quicker. - STEP 2 : Mining - Experience Per Ore : (Double experience / No Double experience) Copper - 4774 EXP / 2387 EXP Tin - 4774 EXP / 2387 EXP Iron - 7546 EXP / 3773 EXP Coal - 10626 EXP / 5313 EXP Gold - 14106 EXP / 7053 EXP Mithril -19404 EXP / 9702 EXP Adamantite - 29444 EXP / 14722 EXP Runite - 46574 EXP / 23287 EXP Crashed Star - 50640 EXP / 25320 EXP Quickest way to Level Mining Ore Count : (Double experience / No Double Experience 1-15 : Copper/Tin - 1 Ore / 2 Ore 15-55 : Iron - 22 Ore / 44 Ore 55-75 : Mithril - 30 Ore / 59 Ore 75-85 : Adamantite - 86 Ore / 172 Ore 85-99 : Runite - 210 Ores / 420 Ores - STEP 3 : Finishing off with Skill Cape - Now that you have achieved what others have dreamed of, you can now show off your amazing skill cape and tell em that Gridlocked helped you along the way! The Skillcape Shop owner can be found East after teleporting back to Home. If you liked this guide, Please Feel free to leave any comments down below and i'll respond to them accordingly! Cheers! Gridlocked.
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      The two clues not added Plant flowers go to ::gamble and dig Fisherman click on the fishing skill in skill tab, at the fishing guild look for the fisherman and dig in front of him
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      You can obtain drop rate boosts from various different methods. I will outline them all below: Items: Ring of Riches (10%) - Obtained from Glod. Paper Sack (50%) - Obtained from OP chest or Darklord. Rainbow Partyhat (55%) - Obtained from Store Mystery box. Diamond/Emerald/Ruby Amulet (10%) - Obtained from OP chest. One Cape (50%) - Obtained from OP chest. Spirit Cape (100%) - Obtained from item upgrader. Darklord Cape (125%) - Obtained from Darklord. 130% Droprate Aura - Obtained from item recycler. Owner Cape (u) (130%) - Obtained from Research table. Goku's Head (60%) - Obtained from Goku Jr. Goku's Hands (50%) - Obtained from Goku Jr. Demonic Teddy (60%) - Obtained from January Sale box. Discounted Wings (140%) - Obtained from January Sale box. Completionist Cape (100%) - Obtained from Completing requirements. Owner Cape (50%) - Obtained from Donator Store. 100% Droprate Aura - Obtained from item recycler. Karamja 4 Gloves (50%) - Obtained from OP chest. Roseblood Gloves (60%) - Obtained from OP chest. P2W Ring (200%) - Obtained from Donator Store. Ringmaster Boots (60%) - Obtained from OP chest. Ring of Wealth (10%) - Obtained from Slayer. Ring of Wealth (i) (15%) - Obtained from Mario. Ring of Devotion (50%) - Obtained from Donator Store. Ring of Devotion (i) (75%) - Obtained from Store Mystery box. Lucky Partyhat (25%) - Obtained from Supreme Mystery box. Max Cape (5%) - Obtained from achieving 99 in every skill. Collectors Necklace (15%) - Obtained from OP chest. Collectors Necklace (i) (25%) - Obtained from Research table. Blood Justiciar Piece (100%) - Obtained from Blood Warriors. 25% Droprate Ring - Obtained from OP chest. 50% Droprate boots - Obtained from OP chest. Abyssal Armour Piece (15%) - Obtained from slayer. Acid Justiciar Piece (15%) - Obtained from Store Mystery box. 200% Droprate Scroll - Obtained from Store Mystery box. 1% Droprate Fragment (Stacks up to 30) - Obtained from ::afk. Pets: Demon Hound (10%) - Obtained from Demon Hound. Shaman Defender (10%) - Obtained from Shaman Defender. Venomous Spider (15%) - Obtained from Venomous Spider. Hearrtwrencher (20%) - Obtained from Elderly Heartwrencher. Hulk (20%) - Obtained from Hulk. Infernal Beast (20%) - Obtained from Infernal Beast. Hellfire Dragon (30%) - Obtained from Hellfire Dragon.
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      Update #15 January Sale Box: For just 2 weeks only, you can purchase the January sale box on store! Some of the rewards are exclusive to this event & cannot be obtained anywhere else. Possible rewards: 5 x Store Mystery Boxes, 20 x Insanely OP Keys, Demonic Teddy Bear (60% droprate), Dragonbone Cape (Half stats of ownercape), Full Backstone Vesta, Zaros Sword, Double Drop Ring (25% chance to double the drop), Discounted Wings (140% d/r) & decent stats, 2 x $50 bonds, Infinite prayer scroll extension. (When redeemed, your infinite prayer scroll timer is increased to 30 minutes). Afk Zone: Introducing the new AFK Zone. You can now afk by chopping the AFK tree at ::afk. Although this tree won't grant you much experience, whilst afking you can still gain! This is an afk activity, please don't grind it and complain when you don't get any loot. Take a look at some of the rewards; 1% Droprate scrolls (Can use up to 30 per account) Insanely OP key Tax bags Mystery boxes Goku has left the world! Gambling system has been removed. Hosts now have a dice bag to host with. Mithril seeds can now only be used by trusted hosts. Reduced Shark tooth sword price to 10,000 Ecto. Fixed referral not working for some users after inputting an invalid referral. Corrected Referral scroll name. Fixed ironman creation. Starter zone name now appears correctly on the teleport interface. Blow your head off (u) now has the best AOE damage. Frozen staff AOE damage has been buffed. Crex scythe AOE damage has been buffed. Collectors necklace should now bank clue scrolls properly. Starter zone npc stats have been nerfed. Mini guy drop rates have been buffed. Removed strange fiber from woodcutting. Updated Ruby, Emerald & Diamond amulet (b) names to reflect d/r bonus. Please reload your client.
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      Update #8 Gambling: I have reopened the gambling zone. Only Legendary donators can host. If i find alot of players are being scammed or quitting, then it will be removed. Play smart & have fun. You can now purchase the Auto cannon load perk on store. (Automatically loads your dwarf cannon). All styles have been balanced correctly. Custom staff of trident has been nerfed. Frozen staff has been buffed. Katana speed has been reduced. Hellfire shadow sword speed has been increased. Nerfed infernal virtus stats. (Still bis). Lava raid now drops OP key parts, instead of the whole key. Removed the "inspect" option on railings. Lava raid items can now be sold to the tax bag store. Buffed Metalic armour slightly. Blackstone vesta has been buffed. Collectors necklace now works in the lava raid. VIP body/legs have been buffed. Oreo set has been buffed. Removed shark tooth from store boxes. Added Connor's bling to store boxes. Added 200% drop rate scroll to store boxes. Removed strength bonus from one cape. Gave spirit cape a prayer bonus. Slayer streaks will now last through past 10. AOE weapons will now cause the targets to attack you. Added some basic drops to crex minions. Chaos ele teleport will now show in red that its a pvp area. Changed angry unicorn overload drops to crystal keys. Added a bunch of large coin stacks to VIP zone. Coin stack area is no longer multi. Ironman accounts can now sell items to the tax bag store. Please reload your client.
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      Update #4 Teleport Interfaces The boss & monster teleport interface has been completed redesigned & rewritten. This interface took me pretty much an entire day, so i hope you prefer it. Media: Shift bank requirements have been corrected. Bonds no longer give donator points (They wasn't meant to anyway). Updated banning system. General/Bork no longer rewards 25x key parts. Updated some npc examines. Insanely op key part names have been corrected. Changed tax bag to tax box in vote box. Blocked the doorway at custom hellhounds. 25% drop rate ring will now announce as a rare drop. Fixed some issues causing client lag. Please reload your client.
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      Update #1 Soulless Boss You can access these in the Easy Boss section of the teleports interfaces. Drops; Something to note is the necklace. This is a SoulSplit necklace that increases your soulsplit effect from 10% to 25%. You can now make the Collector's necklace (i), at the research table. Voting points on the panel will now refresh after voting. Corrected insanely op key spelling. Removed hellfire sword from store mystery boxes. Changed unicorns to ::train in starter book. Fixed donations not calculating amount correctly. Fixed ::benefits link. Fixed ::vote link. Correctly Item Comparator name. Removed some ultra donation box drops. Edited penguin drops. Chiller sword attack requirement has been reduced to 80. You can no longer redeem the same referral code more than once. Blood justiciar has been removed from store mystery boxes & is now dropped by Lucid Warriors at super rare chance. Added Acid Justiciar to Store mystery boxes.